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Mighty CPS | Pulley system to increase strength and optimize training

If you work out in the gym, it is very likely that you are familiar with the exercise equipment with pulley systems. This functional exercise equipment, also known as pulley, is a training staple in many gyms and athletic preparation centers.

The resistance of the cables allows you to perform numerous exercises in various directions.

In this article we will see the benefits of training with our Mighty CPS, the Kingsbox-branded pulley system that combines safety, practicality and high-quality materials.

Welcome to our Mighty CX-35 CPS

The Mighty SPS is the smallest but not least performing brother of our glorious bestseller Mighty SPS. which is used by some of the world’s greatest athletes for their workouts. Being aware that our Mighty SPS could be a bit expensive and not suitable for all pockets we designed a cheaper and space-saving version of this pulley system: the Mighty CPS.

Our Mighty CPS is smart, it can be fixed between the columns of the Mighty CX-35, Mighty CX-37 or on any of our rigs with a distance between the columns of 1100 mm, thus adding functionality to your training structure.

What are the advantages of exercises with the Mighty CPS?

Being able to perform exercises with different ranges of motion is one of the main advantages of including exercises with the Mighty CPS pulley system in your training protocol.

Move away from barbells and dumbbells and use pulley system for some weeks can help you increase strength considerably.

But what exactly makes the exercises with the pulley system a great workout?

Well, for starters, it’s different from a typical weightlifting machine that has a fixed movement path.

A pulley system like our Mighty CPS allows you the freedom to move the way you want and choose the path and movement of the exercise according to your specifications.

In addition, pulley systems provide a regular concentric and eccentric contraction and not jerky during exercise.

It also allows you to perform multiple variations of exercise for multiple muscle groups and also build endurance based on weight. In addition, being generally very safe, even beginners are less prone to injury using free weights.

Surely to master such types of equipment it will take a bit of practice. But once you take control, you will appreciate the efficiency and intensity of this type of training.

Tips for safe use

In general, pulley systems are considered safe for all skill levels. However, there are steps that can be taken to improve the training experience.

Give yourself enough space. Pulley systems like our Mighty CPS take up space, calculate the vital area thinking you are able to move freely during each type of exercise.

Do not exert more than necessary. Just like free weights and other endurance machines, choose a weight that is comfortable and allows you to use the correct form of the training gesture.

Do not change equipment. Only use handles and attachments designed by Kingsbox. Also, do not change the equipment by adding, for example, weights with different holes.

Range of executable exercises

The range of exercises possible with our system of pulleys and practically infinite with the only limit being your imagination, here is a small list of possible exercises :

  1. Front Squat
  2. Forward Lunge
  3. Reverse Lunge
  4. Lateral Lunge
  5. Step-Up
  6. Split-Stance Single-Arm Cable Chest Press
  7. Split-Stance Single-Arm Shoulder Press
  8. Single-Arm Row
  9. Half-Kneeling Single-Arm Pulldown
  10. Curl
  11. Pushdown
  12. Anti-Rotation Press
  13. Side-Plank Row


The Mighty CPS firs in very little space, the possibility of creating a virtually endless range of exercises, perfect to bring your home gym to a higher level. A wise use of the constructive solutions to allow our technicians to realize a real mini training jewel, versatile, professional and low cost.

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Mighty CPS | Sistema di pulegge

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