Kingsbox Athlete: Halina

Because of the car accident my life completely changed Eight years ago, I had a car accident that stopped me from moving normally and changed

KingsBox athlete: Lorenzo Costantini

Name: Lorenzo Surnamee: Costantini Sport: CrossFit Country: Italia KingsBox athlete since: 15.10.2020 Tell us how your life changed in a day Before I turned 21,

KingsBox athlete: Hannah Köck

Name: Hannah Surnamee: Köck Sport: Skiing e personal training Country: Austria KingsBox athlete since: 1.12.2020 Tell us about your passion: I have two very big

KingsBox gym: Speck Crossfit

Speck Crossfit is a special project to us because it was the first complete box that we opened in Spain in September 2020. We were

KingsBox athlete: Elena Carratalá

Name: Elena Surname: Carratalá Sport: Crossfit Country: Spain KingsBox athlete since: 20.8.2020 Success in life is not measured by what you achieve but by what

KingsBox athlete: Jessica Rubino

Name: Jessica Surname: Rubino Sport: Crossfit Country: Italia KingsBox athlete since : November 2020 The first photo is of me at age of 17. At

KingsBox athlete

KingsBox athlete: Ella Wunger

Name: Ella Surname: Wunger Sport: Crossfit Country: Sweeden KingsBox athlete since: 9.12.2020 Who is Ella? For those of you who don’t know me – I


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