Kingsbox Academy | 4 Workouts to do at home During the Quarantine

Training at home with the workouts of the Kingsbox Academy becomes reality. By now, the whole of Europe has been going through this lockdown period for more than a month, trying to contribute as much as possible to the speedy resolution of this terrible pandemic. We do not know when it will end and when we could return to live our lives as we remember it before Covid-19. What we know for sure is that it’s going to happen, sooner or later, and we’re all gonna go back to living our lives with the knowledge that we’ve passed a test that really taught us a lot.

As you know, our online shop has been taken virtually by storm, and we are still working 7 days a week for 16 hours a day to allow you to get all the material you need to train from home in your home gym or in your garage gym. We are sure that our commitment will not be in vain, and thanks to the help of all we will soon be able to return stronger and more united than ever.

Here at Kingsbox we are lucky enough to practice all the sports and in the few hours that remain of the day we try to devote ourselves with due precautions to our physical form, performing our workout of the day.

We decided to do a challenge and asked the members of our team to write a workout to do at home so we could share it with you. The response to this challenge has been accepted by so many of our colleagues who have enjoyed it so much.

Here is the result we hope you like :

1) One Day at Deja’s house

In 20 minutes as many repetitions as possible:

15 Squat

20 Situp

10 Pushup

10 Burpees

Deja is one of our longest-standing collaborators and is part of the Kingsbox family for a long time, in moments of relaxation (unfortunately few lately) has fun keeping in shape.

2) Luka’s Breathless party

From 0 to 10 minutes:

Air squats in multiples of 3

3 the first minute, 6 the second, 9 the third, 12 the fourth etc..

From minute 11 to minute 20 :

Sit-up in multiples of 2

2 the first minute, 4 the second, 6 the third, 8 the fourth etc..

From minute 21 to minute 30 :

Burpees in multiples of 1

1 the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third minute.

Luka is the co-founder of Kingsbox, he created with his partner and friend Dejan his own company in a garage of 30 square meters. Today we juggle between family, work, and sports that practice as much as possible

3) Dejan’s routine 21-15-9-6-3

In the shortest possible time run :

21 Burpees

21 Air Squat

21 Handstand Pushup

15 Burpees

15 Air Squat

15 Handstand Pushup

9 Burpees

9 Air Squat

9 Handstand Pushup

6 Burpees

6 Air Squat

6 Handstand Pushup

3 Burpees

3 Air Squat

3 Handstand Pushup

Dejan is the co-founder of Kinsbox with his partner Luka to realized a company that has had an unprecedented growth. With currently 22 employees aims to become a leader in Europe for the sale of sports equipment.

4) Spela’s EMOM

Every Minute on the Minute

15 rounds :

7 Pushup

7 Air Squat

7 Burpees

7 Squat Jump

Spela is the marketing manager at Kingsbox who every day gives her all to make our products even more special. A volcano of ideas and sympathy, as we all love sport and competition.


We hope you enjoyed our workouts at home. Soon we will all come together again, everything will go for the best and this is a promise. See you soon by the Kingsbox team.

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