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MIGHTY SPS- Base is the first, but we are sure it is not the last, patented KingsBox product.

When we were designing the product, we started with the basic squat exercise and searched for the solutions to bring it to a next level.

During squat training you activate your glutes and thigh muscles, but when simply adding some weight to your squats you will start activation of your core muscles too. Squats can be performed also with a loaded barbell positioned at your back or at the front, or with a simple belt which can be attached to the multifunctional machine, which will take away the tension off of your spine. Our Squat Pulley System offers a lot of training possibilities and execution of different exercises, with which we can train many different muscle groups.

The pulley system offers two different points where accessories can be attached to the machine. At the lower point of the pulley, you can attach the belt for squats or a row handle to simulate rowing, while the upper part of the pulley is designed for upper body exercises like lat pulldowns, triceps extensions and many more.

There are currently many different products with pulley solutions on the market. But ours is different because it takes less space and at the same time offers more functionality. With Mighty SPS-Base you can do exercises that will activate your whole body, all in one machine. Since the low pulley and overhead pulley are connected into a one system, there are fewer elements involved, which reflects in lower price of the product.

• Mighty J-cups
• Squat Pulley
• Lat destroyer


Mighty Power rack CX 35 with double side Pulley
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Mighty Squat Pulley System


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Mighty pulley power rack CX-35
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