Glossary of home gym and gym equipment | Part 1 the flooring

The gym floor and home gym. Yes, we decided to create the most complete dictionary on home gym equipment ever made!

Why? We have created thousands of home gym for our loyal customers and we have often had to exchange many emails to understand precisely what type of equipment our customers would need.

Like : Hello! I’d like a zigzag barbell 🙂 Or : I’d need 3 balls that don’t bounce 🙂 and so on. So what better way to solve this issue than to create a real dictionary on the equipment needed to create a professional home gym that will help our customers to choose the right type of equipment.

Are you ready? Here is the first complete dictionary of home gym equipment.

Let’s start from the main definition of home gym. What is a home gym?

Home gym – Garage gym

The term Home Gym or Garage Gym both coined in America, are used to indicate a gym made at home and refer to a space equipped with the necessary equipment to be able to train just like in a commercial gym.

The size of these training spaces varies depending on the size of the rooms used for that purpose. The American trend favours the use of garages adjacent to your home, just for the possibility of using during the milder seasons also the outdoor space, thus prolonging the training space. The term Garage Gym derives from this practice.

Home Gym equipment

Now that we know the meaning of the terms Home Gym and Garage Gym, let’s move on to the section dedicated to the equipment needed to furnish your training space, starting from the bottom to end up on the ceiling. We know the terms and their meaning together. We start from the home gym floor and the accessories which can be used to muffle noise and protect the equipment.

SBR rubber gym floor

pavimento in gomma sbr

The rubber floor from home gym is the first thing to buy, to allow your original background, and your precious equipment not to be damaged.

The common gym rubber flooring is made of different types of rubber including virgin rubber (very expensive) the best selling is recycled SBR rubber, SBR is a copolymer of styrene-butadiene which takes its name from the English Styrene Butadiene Rubber, elastomer consisting of monomer units of styrene and butadiene which is used to make tires.

Recycled rubber for home gym green

Pavimento in gomma SBR

To help the environment are used precisely exhausted tires to make this type of gym floor, which at the end of their life, are recycled through a series of processes that reduce them in small SBR rubber pellets, then sent to companies that make floors for gyms.

Through the action of heat and of some binders joined to an enormous pressing force are realized the modern “tiles” of rubber SBR, with the characteristic aspect that you can see of continuation in the image.

High Quality Home Gym Rubber Flooring

Pavimento in gomma di alta qualità per palestre e home gym

For those who want to have a superior quality product, Kingsbox offers the high-quality non-porous rubber floor, with no holes, which prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating easy to clean with a classic wet cloth.

Anti vibration foam for home gym

Many home gym are made in garages or apartments that are part of real estate complexes where I reside more families or other commercial activities and it may happen that the only SBR rubber floor from home gym, can not effectively dampen the sound of barbells that are often drugged. The effective solution to this problem lies in the “anti vibration foam tiles”.

The anti-vibration foam, which is also the main component of our Kingsbox Shields, is sold in large slabs of 1 1 m. and is made of foam (memory foam), with a density of : 150kg/m3.

Tatami Mjudo

Tatami Mjudo

The Tatami Mjudo is the solution for those who try to cover the floor of their home gym garage and turn it into a soft, comfortable and durable surface.

Made of EVA rubber, it is waterproof especially designed for MMA, Bjj, Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido and Hapkido.

Cushions for barbell bars

Cuscini ammortizzanti per bilanciere

For those who do not have the opportunity to cope with the expense of an entire under floor foam anti noise, cushions are available that absorb the shock effectively.

After several requests to design a floor that absorbs noise and protects the floor below our experts have designed the Kingsbox Shield.

A special flooring designed to effectively reduce the impact of weights and allow the absorption of sounds and impacts avoiding damage and wear.

A great alternative to home gym flooring

Leather lining filled with a quality memory foam, which keeps the shape even after years of use.

Platform Lifting weightlifting

Pedana Sollevamento weightlifting

Another solution very convenient and affordable for everyone. The weightlifting platform is designed for Olympic weightlifting. Its size of 3 m x 2 m is suitable for home gym that do not want to install a real full gym floor, or want to use such accessory platform to have the maximum control over your training sessions.

Perfect for crosstraining and powerlifting

Easy to assemble, it can be entirely made of rubber or accompanied by a central wooden plate painted with non-slip paint. The weight plate will cushion the falls of the barbell, thus protecting the floor as well as the discs and barbell.

Sprinttracks synthetic grass

Sprinttracks erba sintetica

And yes, even the synthetic grass Sprinttracks can be used for your home gym, made to allow a whole series of exercises such as sledge shooting, allows, thanks to its weight and density, to be used in an intensive way almost equal to a real gym floor.

Made with a special set of nylon and polyethylene fibres for an unparalleled durability and softness.


We have reached the end of the first part of our series of articles dedicated to explaining the terms used for home gym equipment. In this article dedicated to the flooring and protection of background and tools, we could know so many different options to make our garage gym safe.

Don’t miss our next article.


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