Powerlifting: History, Champions and Epic Competitions

Powerlifting is a sport of strength and power that involves three main movements: squat, bench press and lifting from the ground.

This sport has ancient roots, but it became an official sport in the 1950s and continues to attract athletes and enthusiasts from around the world. Over the years, powerlifting has seen the emergence of legendary champions who have inspired successive generations of athletes.

The Birth of Powerlifting

The origins of powerlifting can be traced back to ancient Greece, where strength competitions were popular performances during the ancient Olympic Games.

However, the modern era of powerlifting began around the 1950s, when weightlifting federations formalized the sport as an official discipline. In the United States, powerlifting became particularly popular and the first major competitions began to arise.

Samples of the Past Era

During the 1960s and 1970s, powerlifting saw the emergence of legendary champions such as Bill Kazmaier, Larry Pacifico and Paul Anderson.

  • Bill Kazmaier is famous for being the first man to lift over 900 pounds in a squat during an official competition.
  • Larry Pacifico is known for dominating the powerlifting scene in the 70s, setting several world records.
  • Paul Anderson, on the other hand, was a pioneer of powerlifting in the United States and impressed the world with his strength and power.

The Champions of Modern Powerlifting

As the popularity of powerlifting increased, new extraordinary champions emerged.

One of them is Eddie Hall, known as “The Beast”, which set the world record in the deadlift with 500 kg in 2016.

Another notable champion is Hafthor Bjornsson, known for his role as “The Mountain” in the TV series “Game of Thrones” and for winning major powerlifting competitions.

The most famous Powerlifting Competitions

In the world of powerlifting, there are some competitions that have become legendary. One of the most prestigious is the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships, organized by the International Powerlifting Federation. This event attracts the best athletes from all over the world to compete for the title of world champion in different weight categories. Another important competition is the Arnold Sports Festival Powerlifting Championship, created by Arnold Schwarzenegger, which attracts a large audience and rewards the best athletes with significant awards.

The Equipment Needed for Powerlifting

Powerlifting requires a series of specific equipment to ensure the safety and proper execution of the exercises.

Athletes wear a race suit (singlet) approved by the federation, which is a sleeveless fitted garment.

For squats, it is crucial to have rigid sole lifting shoes to ensure a stable base.

During the flat bench press, lifters use bench tops, which are tight-fitting garments designed to improve the stability and efficiency of movement.
When lifting from the ground, athletes use magnesite to improve grip and a belt to support the spine and protect the lumbar area.

Elements to consider

There are 4 elements you need to maximize your potential in powerlifting sessions and make the most of the space you have.

    1. Power Rack
    2. Powerlifiting competition or training weights
    3. Flat bench
    4. Platform or detaching platform

These few but essential tools will serve as a training base and, to all intents and purposes, will provide everything you need to start using your powerlifting gym.

Power Rack

Essential part of your powerlifter home gym equipment

There are no excuses, the power rack is one of the most important tools of your home gym from powerlifter, buy this model is crucial. The Mighty Power Rack CX-37 consists of 6 steel sections with a thickness of 80 mm, with a level of strength and durability to the nth degree. In one word : spectacular ! One of the best on the European market for durability, usability and versatility. Able to withstand extreme weight loads is the preferred choice by all powerlifters. Its footprint is perfect for a garage or a home gym.

Powerlifting barbells

Not all barbells are the same. In the sport of powerlifting, specificity is extremely important. For this reason it is essential to buy a barbell specifically for powerlifting.

bilanciere powerlifting
Specificity is the password.

There are some important specifications that are basically needed for a barbell to be considered by powerlifting:

      • The tensile force should be high enough, thus creating a sturdy and rigid barbell.
      • The knurling must be aggressive and deep in order to provide a better grip on the bar to work with heavy weights.
      • Central knurling, essential to prevent the barbell from sliding along the back while performing the exercises.

What to buy? Simple one of the best powerlifting and weightlifting barbells

Powerlifting is a very specific sport that requires very specific barbells.

The Underground Power Bar was made by hand and according to the standards of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). What sets it apart from other Olympic barbells are the 29 mm diameter and the absence of bearings, which makes the barbell stiffer.

The central part and coated with black zinc, the handles are chrome plated. The barbell has single and central knurling, rough, which ensures a good grip. The Underground Power Bar is excellent for squats, bench presses and dead lifts.

Discs for barbells or bumpers

When it comes to choosing discs for your powerlifting gym, you basically have two possibilities: cast iron discs or rubber discs. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages which we will describe below.

Cast iron, metal or steel discs

Cast iron or metal or steel discs are traditionally the reference in the world of powerlifting.

The advantages of this type of discs are :

      1. Thickness: They are thinner than rubber bumpers, which means you can fit more weights on the barbell.
      2. Sound – This could also be a disadvantage but the sound of iron or as they say in jargon “cast iron” is simply fantastic, regardless of your preferences, the sound is what personifies powerlifting.
      3. Duration: obviously better there is no doubt.


Powerlifting discs

powerlifting calibrated steel discs have many advantages: every athlete will appreciate the durability and accuracy of the weights. Because they are color coded, it is easy to distinguish their weight with a glance. Especially powerlifters and Strongmans will appreciate the thickness of the steel plates, as they will be able to load more kg on their barbell. .

On the back of the steel plates, there are two pins with which you can calibrate the weights.

The central hole of the steel plates fits perfectly to the sleeve of the standard barbell. At first use, you will need to push the weights because of the cool coating layer. But after some workouts, the weight will adapt to your barbell and it will be easier to load.Adjustable flat bench

The powerlifting bench is one of the essential tools for powerlfting or weightlifting your gym. With the model that we present to you we offer you a versatile tool perfect for carrying out all possible exercises.

An ideal tool for gyms that want to meet the individual needs of all athletes. The bench is made of laser cut steel and foam and is covered with artificial leather, which makes it very stable and comfortable. The legs have a non-slip rubber on the bottom for greater safety. Moreover, it is equipped with wheels to facilitate transport.

Lifting platform

Essential for your home gym from powerlifting and weightlifting, the KingsBox weight lifting platform has all the specifications to be considered as one of the best on the market.

pedana sollevamento pesi

Essential to protect the background of your garage or your home gym room. A tool that must never be missing in your arsenal to allow you to build a home gym, comfortable, safe, professional at a very low cost.

The Future of Powerlifting

Powerlifting continues to grow as a sport, with more and more people approaching this discipline of strength. With increasing participation and media attention, the future of powerlifting looks promising. Competitions will become more and more spectacular and athletes will continue to challenge human limits, breaking records and setting new extraordinary goals.

Powerlifting is a fascinating discipline of strength that has deep roots in the history of sport. From the champions of the past to the modern ones, this sport has continued to inspire and fascinate the world. With epic competitions and specialized equipment, powerlifting is confirmed as one of the most spectacular and engaging strength sports. With its bright future, powerlifting will continue to be a source of inspiration for athletes of all ages and backgrounds.


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