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How to protect floor heating system in a cross-training gym – CF Live and Train

We’ve first met the owner of CF LAT at one of the competitions that we sponsor. He was one of the competitors and he immediately caught our eye. It was his dedication and love for the sport that made us invite him to become one of our Royal Athletes. When Dag called us, half a year ago, with the news that he is ready for the big step, opening his own gym, we couldn’t have been prouder.

  • Client: CrossFit Live And Train
  • Space available: 230  m² space for Cross-Training, outdoor terrace
  • Location: Albert-Schweitzer Gasse (Gratz, Austria)
  • Needs: custom made freestanding Rig, custom Cerakote Olympic barbells, rubber flooring, custom synthetic grass (turf)
  • Contact: Dag Magnus Bloch (owner)

The Challenge:

It was quite a challenge for Dag to find a place for his gym. When he first contacted us, he didn’t yet have any location secured. We didn’t want to waste any time, so we started planning the basics right away. Together, we made a list of the equipment that he would need regardless of the location of his gym.

Finally, he found a place that he really liked. It was a 230 m² big place, with enough space to build locker rooms and a terrace for after workout hangout sessions. Sounds perfect, but there was a potential problem: the place had a central floor heating system installed.

Dag wanted his gym to reflect the colours and style of his logo: clean lines in white, blue and orange-red, so most of the equipment was custom made: personalised Cerakote barbells in blue and red, personalised black Sprinttrack turf, and a personalised Freestanding Rig.

The Solutions:

Anti-vibration pad

The first challenge that had to be solved was the floor heating. Dag didn’t want to risk damaging the rented space and he didn’t want to apply the »weight dropping« ban in his gym. He first installed the 10 cm thick antivibration pad throughout the whole training area. Then he layed a layer of plywood over it and lastly he installed the rubber flooring. To be extra safe, he ordered enough pairs of KingsBox Shields for a whole class doing weight lifts.

Carefully planned Rig

Having climbing ropes and gymnastic rings in his gym was important for Dag, he wanted to offer his customers the whole cross-training experience. But the low ceilings, with ventilation shafts additionally lowering the height, meant we had to design around the shafts. The Rig ended up with 9 high pillars with ring/rope attachments and 8 low pillars with double Wall Ball targets attached to them. The result is a very functional and dynamic FR-16 Rig.

Equipment for the training area

Perpendicular to the Rig he installed custom turf for Sled and Yoke training. Adding two Royal Sleds 2.0 and Two MX-45 Yokes to his equipment assortment. He also added Mighty GHD, 4 Flat Benches and a bunch of Royal Plyo Boxes. For cardio training, he chose a combination of Concept Rowers, Ski Ergs, Bike Ergs, and Air bikes.

Also, important for the client was keeping his training space uncluttered and clean. We combined different KingsBox storage solutions so that every piece of equipment would have a designated place:

– Two KingsBox Multistorage systems for storing wall balls, Slamm balls, Hex haltèress.

– Two different bumper discs storing solutions, KingsBox Tower and KingsBox Castle.

– A Jump Rope Hanger.

– A multiuse hanger for storing Bands.

– And KignsBox Bridge, floor storage solution for Olympic barbells.


Dag made sure to create a gym his people would consider their second home. He gave attention to the details like design and made sure the locker rooms and toilet rig are big enough. He added a place in the gym designated to hanging out to encourage friendships and the growth of the community. He created a place that embodies those words in the name of his gym: Live and Train.


How to protect floor heating system in a cross-training gym - CF Live and Train
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How to protect floor heating system in a cross-training gym - CF Live and Train
A how-to on how to protect your flooring so you can have floor heating and have a barbell drop policy.
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