KingsBox athlete: Louise Czurka

Each day is a new opportunity for me to be a better person than I was yesterday and to stay committed to my work and sport.

I may not achieve my goals immediately, but if I am one step closer each day, it will pay off.

This is why I like Cross-training so much, as it includes many different exercises that help me on my mission. But sport is not the only thing I do –  I am a nurse, and I love this job because the feeling of helping others and connecting with them is something special. I really believe that my job and my sport help me be a better person.

And because I am an athlete of habits, it is really not hard to combine work and training – nothing should keep you away from doing what you love.

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Three items from Louise’s home gym:

KingsBox flat bench:

The Cannon Wall Ball:

Royal Black bumper plates: 


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