KingsBox athlete: Daniele Scatizzi

I started with boxing for fun, but it has turned into something that I can’t live without

This sport has given me so much. I was an introverted and overweight boy who had trouble even talking with other people. Training MMA changed my life – I became more mentally mature and physically stronger.

What motivates you?

Over the years, I had different goals and motivations that kept me going. The biggest one is definitely my daughter. When she grows up, I want to show her, that, despite all the struggles, adversities I have never stopped overcoming them. I always faced challenges with my head high and will to overcome them. I also transformed this mentality from sport to other things in life.

I live my life step by step – this is what keeps me realistic. So right now, my goal is to prove that I am one of the best fighters in my category and to improve day by day, to improve my rankings and enter the arena with stronger athletes.

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Three items from Daniele’s home gym:

Mighty power CX 35 short:

Royal black bumper plates:

White knight barbell:


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