KingsBox athlete: Mario Schafzahl

Why did you start with fitness?

I always enjoyed doing sports. When I was around 12 years, I started taking karate lessons, and at the same age, I started lifting weights. Since then, I have never lost the passion for lifting. I just love the progress and feelings after each session.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

During my sports career, I am very proud of two of my achievements: making the Karate National Team and making it to the cover of a fitness magazine. These two successes changed my mindset a lot and turned this passion into my profession as a personal trainer and fitness model.

Why did you decide to become a coach?

Becoming a coach and personal trainer has motivated me a lot. I wanted to share my approaches to training and nutrition with others too. The job is so special for me because I deal with a wide variety of people every day, and it is simply a priceless feeling when clients achieve their goals with me. Many of my clients have even become friends of mine, which is very fulfilling. The job requires a lot of energy, but it gives you back so much more.

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