KingsBox athlete: Jessica Rubino

Name: Jessica
Surname: Rubino
Sport: Crossfit
Country: Italia
KingsBox athlete since : November 2020

The first photo is of me at age of 17. At that time, I had just started with crosstraining.
I weighed 45 kg. I didn’t eat well, and I often fainted. I was insecure. In short, I didn’t like myself. I was not healthy, and it shows in the photo.

Sport really is the right therapy

Crosstraining grew on me. I slowly became very passionate about the sport, so much that it became a part of me. It is now my job.

Today I am 20 years old. I have changed a lot. Not only physically, but I had also learned to believe in myself. I now understand that nothing is impossible. I’ve gained confidence in myself, and it shows on the outside as well on the inside.

I like, no, I LOVE that my body is healthy and capable of doing things I never imagined doing.

There are many people like I was at 17, many who need help not only to feel good physically but also mentally.

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