Try this and you will make big progress with your training.

Does the man Wim Hof mean anything to you? I am talking about a Dutchman better known under the nickname The Iceman. He got his nickname because he can withstand extremely cold conditions. He climbed Mount Everest only wearing shorts. He has run a marathon above the Arctic circle where the temperatures are as low as -20°C and he likes ice baths, he once stayed 2 hours in one. He holds more than 20 world records.

It is not just the cold he is immune to. He has proven that he can whitstand other extreme conditions. Like running a marathon in the desert without water consumption. He does not get height sicness. And can voulonterely trigger his immune system response with meditation and breathing. This he proved under the carefull supervision of research doctors that injected him with endotoxin.

All this must mean that he is a freak of nature or an alien. But this is far from the truth. Wim Hof has developed his method and has been shareing and teaching it to people all around the world. And has thus proven, that taking control over ones autonomus nervous system can be tought. It is the autonomus nervous system that controls our breathing, hearth rate, digestion and immune response. People that go trought his program can control their breathing and have consequientialy better endurance, can do more push ups, have stronger immune system and detoxicate.

The wim hof method is the combination of trhree crucial elements:

  • breathing exercizes that trigger psyhological response and fill your body with enegfy and power
  • concentration training and positive thinking
  • cold exposure

You can read more about him and the benefits of his method online. And before you enter the gym next time, think about his method it may help you make progress in your training. You never know.

You can start with this simple technique that you exercize before your training:

  1. Make yourself comfortable, lay on your back or sit crosslegged.
  2. Take 30 deep breaths. Breathe in trought your nose and breath out treough your mouth. Feel you belly moving. Breathe in deeply and don’t breath out fully. It may feel like you are hyperventilating, your head may feel light, don’t be afraid this is normal.
  3. After 30 breaths, breath out completely and hold your breath as long as you can. Stay calm and close your eyes.
  4. When you can not hold anymore. Breathe in deeply and hold your breath for 15 s before you breathe out again.
  5. Repeat all the steps 1-4 three or four times. When done immediately star with your training.

I hope that Wims methods will help you advance with your training and more importantly help you connect with your body.


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