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Fitness will save us | Happy New Year at KingsBox

Another year has passed. We would have liked to celebrate with you the end of this pandemic as well, but unfortunately that will have to wait.

We are all aware that it’ll end sooner or later but, as of now, it is impossible to know when that day will come. What we know is that these hard times have allowed us to be more united and face many challenges together in the name of sport, which aims to unite and not divide.

What lets us stay positive about the future is knowing that, despite everything that has happened over the past two years, the sporting community has never hesitated or backed away form the challenge, and continued training throughout everything, with whatever it had available.

We put as much effort into it as we possibly could, working under the harshest conditions. We have helped thousands of athletes creating their home gyms, as well as many owners of gyms and boxes, who despite everything have believed and still believe that sport is the key to keeping your body and mind healthy.

Yes, because sport does just that:

It helps to keep our body and soul healthy, protecting us from the severe effects of certain viral pathogens. 

Helping people get better through training is one of our missions. When our company was founded we knew we had a precise goal, to give everyone the chance to train by creating their own gym, spending the right amount of money.

Making the purchase of fitness equipment acas cessible as possible should be a goal for all manufacturers. Such shared effort would help our society exponentially!

Fitter and healther people would mean less sickness, less pressure on national health providers (such as hospitals, clinics and doctors). Better psychophysical conditions would mean self-sufficient grandparents, serene parents and children who grow up with healthy values: such as respect for the opponent and the commitment necessary to reach their goals, whether professional or personal.

This is fitness..

A powerful tool to counteract the wear and tear that every day of our lives we are faced with. A valuable ally against depression, unhappiness and health problems due to inactivity.

We live in difficult times, but difficult times forge strong people and strong people can create their own happiness.

Together once again, without ever backing down, we are heading towards a new year. We are sure that our determination with your support will allow us to win this battle too, perhaps one of the hardest, since it is about to enter its third year.

Sport will save us

Yes, fitness will save us once again. We will come back to compete, train, suffer and sweat together and all of this will be something to think back on with pride, telling ourselves: We did it!

Happy New Year to all of you, dear friends

The KingsBox Team wishes you a 2022 full of joy, satisfactions, PR, podiums, victories and achievements, whether big or small. May you spend these holidays with your loved ones, safely, wishing you a spectacular new year.

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