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How to Choose the Right Gym Weight Lifting Bench

How do I choose the right weight bench for my gym or home gym? As simple as the answer may seem, we guarantee it’s not exactly that simple. There are different types of gym benches, they differ mainly for their structure and their use.

With this interesting guide, we try to figure out together how to choose the best bench for your gym and your home gym.


The first thing you should do, before you even set foot in a weightlifting equipment store or on internet site like ours, is to understand your fitness goals.

What are your main goals? Lose weight, gain weight, improve aerobic capacity or increase strength?

You need to have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish.

The next step is to create a specific weight lifting routine. If you know your goals, as well as your exact routine, you will be more qualified to buy the correct bench for weightlifting.

Your strength training program will direct you to what you really need to achieve your weight lifting goals. Also remember, try to choose the equipment you like to train on.

It makes no sense to buy a specific weight bench if you don’t need it.

Although dozens of different designs are available, the key features you should look for when selecting a weight bench are reduced to very few items, Surely a solid base that does not make you run the risk of breaking or overturning is the most important.

Flat bench vs adjustable bench

There are a couple of key differences between a fixed flat bench and an adjustable bench.

The first is the range of bench movements. An adjustable bench will be much more versatile and will allow you to perform a greater variety of lifting exercises.

However, adjustable benches are generally more expensive. The reason is that there is simply more mechanics and moving parts involved, so the cost of production is naturally higher.

Load capacity

How much weight can a bench bear? This is a very important question to which you should find answers before buying your weight bench.

Don’t just choose according to price, it could be very unpleasant.

Be sure to take into account your body weight and weight of haltèress (or barbells and free weights) that you will use and make sure that any bench you purchase can handle the load.

Mighty flat bench

Panca piana Mighty
Flat Bench Mighty

We have expanded our range of benches, creating a new Mighty version with larger profiles, which makes it even more stable. Having 8 cm wide profiles, this bench is suitable for gyms of Powerlifting and Crossfit, where this equipment is used more frequently.

Powerlifting bench

If you are doing serious weight lifting, the barbell should be held at the right arm distance. Make sure you find a quality product that respects this feature.

If you lift hundreds of kilos the safety and stability of the structure you are using are of vital importance. In this regard we at Kingsbox have made one of the best bench models from Powerlifting in the market

KingsBox Combo PL Bench

Combo bench powerlifting
Combo bench powerlifting

By combining two key products for Powerlifting we have created a single stable structure. The Kingsbox Combo Pl Bench can be used both as a squat stand with a pair of classic barbell racks (J-Cups) and as a push press bench with round bearings that facilitate the movement of the barbell even when lying down.

The safety arms offer protection during workouts, while the step behind the bench has been designed for those who will help you during your training.

Combo bench powerlifting 2
Combo bench powerlifting 2

Adjustable lifting bench

An interesting feature of having is an adjustable inclined bench that allows you to focus on upper shoulders and pecs during the training session. But also choose the best location based on your morphological characteristics.

Royal Adjustable Bench

Panca regolabile da sollevamento pesi
Adjustable lifting bench

Thirty different combinations of seats and backrests to choose from, the adjustable bench can easily adapt to each individual athlete. Despite training preferences or available space, this compact steel bench offers the rare combination of strength and maneuverability.

The bench has three different seat settings and ten backrest positions, so it is one of the most versatile adjustable bench on the market.

Flat bench

Not always you need specific benches, in this case if you have a home gym or even a gym but you have no specific needs, buy our flat bench is the best choice, at a low price you can buy a European quality product guaranteed at a really affordable price.

Flat Bench Royal

Panca Piana Royal
Flat Bench Royal

Our flat bench has been designed to meet the needs of gyms as well as small home gym. The sections that compose it are entirely made of steel and must be fixed with the screws that you will find included in the package.

Our Royal flat bench is suitable for all those who love weight lifting and want a stable and reliable product for training.

Panca Piana Royal
Flat Bench Royal


It seemed easy, didn’t it? Have you seen how many benches there are? We are sure that thanks to our guide to choosing the weight bench, you will find the right bench for your workout.

Thank you for arriving at the end of this article, to know all the prices and models available visit our section dedicated to the weightlifting benches and buy the right one for you.


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