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Strongman | Comprehensive guide to equipment and discipline

What’s a Strongman or who’s a Strongman? The discipline of Strongman is, in many ways, a return to the origins of force in the purest sense of the word. It is a sport of strength, but unlike weight lifting or powerlifting , the exercises carried out during the events are very varied and different from each other.

Strongman is a brutal mix of strength, resistance and will.

Matjaž Belšak strongman

We’ve all seen huge rocks being lifted and trains towed on TV, being strong in a few movements is not enough to be successful in this sport. To excel in Strongman you have to be strong, you have to have technique and you have to be able to adapt to everything presented to you as evidence.

The mentality of a Strongman athlete is the most important part. To start this sport you have to be adaptable, dynamic and a bit crazy. Healthy people do not lift machines.

Before starting Strongman training

If you want to start practicing this sport you have to keep a few rules in mind, the first is that you have to be strong. It may seem painfully obvious, but if you do not have a solid base of strength it is very likely that you will injure yourself during training or during an event. Apart from the mere security aspect, It takes a huge amount of strength to do certain exercises so our advice is to spend a few more months in the gym focusing on certain exercises to develop the strength needed to really train for this sport.

Matjaž Belšak strongman

Work on metabolic conditioning.

If you are out of breath after a one-kilometer run with just the weight of your body imagine yourself with a weight of 100 kg to carry on your shoulder. The good news is that the Strongman workout works excellently to increase your cardiovascular capabilities. As a matter of fact, recent studies have shown that it is superior to traditional cardio to burn fat and improve one’s muscle retention.

Strongman is a weightlifting sport in which athletes compete in different events involving different aspects including :

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Mental and physical endurance.

There is a wide variety of possible event combinations that allow you to participate in different types of athletes with different abilities. Some competitions use very high weights and favor bigger and stronger athletes. Some competitions focus more on moving moderately heavy weights over a certain distance or a certain number of times within a certain time limit.

Then there are well-barbelld competitions that require strength, speed and good physical conditioning to be successful. The thing that makes Strongman so accessible is that anyone can train to participate in these competitions.

Just like other types of competitions, almost all Strongman events can be made lighter or heavier depending on the strength and level of experience of the athlete who is training.

Anyone can become much stronger in a relatively short time by doing a Strongman style workout, following a intelligently designed program. Most athletes who have intraweight this discipline have undergone a noticeable physical improvement very quickly

The biggest disadvantage for people who start their Strongman training path is the lack of access to equipment, thanks to this article we will try to help you in purchasing your equipment to start your ascent into the world of Strongman.

Equipment Strongman

What do we need to get started ? How can we create our own small gym for Rongman with a small budget ? Here are some tips and some products that will help you realize your dream home gym.

Atlas Stone

Atlas stone strongman

The Kingsbox atlas stone made of marble has exceptional features: it is more resistant than concrete, has a better grip and is also slightly smaller. We are sure that this product is the most durable on the market.

Please specify :

Available weights :
20 kg
30 kg
40 kg
60 kg
80 kg
110 kg

Available at this address

Atlas Stone Rack

Atlas Stone Rack

With this platform you will take your Strong Man to the next level, the words of our Strong Man athletes who tested and loved it! The platform is sturdy, stable and being height-adjustable, you can not only adapt your training to your needs, but you can also adjust the standard height and check if you are ready to compete.

Available at this address


The Kingsbox Strong Man Log is made of steel and will allow you to perform all the various exercises from Strongman. The neutral grip will allow you to lift heavy loads while minimizing pressure on the joints. This product has been specially designed for lifting heavy loads, has a weight of 30 kg and can be further loaded with Olympic discs with a diameter hole of 50 mm.

Available at this address

Ultimate Sand Bag

sandbag strongman

Thanks to the possibility of filling the Sand Bag, you have the possibility to adjust the weight according to training and skills.
The Sand Bag is made of neoprene, very resistant and inside there is another practical bag with zipper, which must be filled with great ease

Available at this address

Circus dumbbells

circus dumbbells

Circus dumbbells are used more and more in Strongman competitions, and if you want to participate in such competitions or you have an athlete interested in this field, you will probably have to equip yourself.

Available at this address


Shield strongman

Special flooring designed to effectively reduce the impact of weights and allow the absorption of sounds and impacts avoiding damage and wear. The leather lining is filled with a quality memory foam, which keeps the shape even after years of use. Sold in pairs.

Available at this address

Free Yoke


The most used in Strongman workouts. The reasons for its popularity are definitely the affordable price and ease of use. The list of exercises that we can perform with the help of free yoke is very long we can use it for squats, trusters, lunges, yoke carriers and many more.

Available at this address

Tower Farmer Handles

tower farmer handle strongman

We can strengthen our core in various ways, one of these is the training with the Kingsbox Tower Farmer Handles: just load a few bumpers on the handles and here you can perform various exercises, the most famous of which is the walk with weights (farmer walk).

Available at this address

Royal Sled 2.0

slitta strongman

The Royal Sled 2.0 is a versatile sled that adapts to all types of training. A high quality construction made from a single piece of steel and equipped for intensive training on different surfaces. Compared to other sleds, the Royal Sled 2.0 has a smaller surface area for the best use of space. We can load the sled with weights of up to 300 kg for even more difficult training.

Available at this address

Goblet Safety Bar

bilanciere safety bar

This squat barbell is an excellent tool and has been specially created with the two lateral curves and with the front sockets covered in memory foam, to provide greater comfort in the training with squats.

Available at this address

Royal Yoke

yoke strongman

With this product we have fully met the expectations of all those who wanted a product that saves time, money and even space. We got the Royal Yoke MX-40. The product can be used as a Yoke (with a load of over 400kg), or transformed (in just 30 seconds, simply removing a bar) in a Squat Rack to use to support the barbell during your training with the squat, bench press.

Available at this address

Iron Jerk Blocks

Blocchi in acciaio Jerk

If you’ve ever tried our Wood jerk blocks you know they’re very durable, but the metal version is even more so! The range of Metal Jerk Blocks is far greater than the wooden version. They will keep their shape and stability for many years.

Available at this address

Axle Bar

Axel bar Strongman

The Axle Fat Bar is a new product, made of high quality steel. This barbell bar has no bearings and has a 48 mm diameter socket. With this product you can train on all sandy surfaces without the risk of ruining it, plus it will allow you to train the grip in an alternative and effective.

Available at this address

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