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Although the free yoke is designed for Strong Man training, it’s more and more used also in functional centers. The yoke is also a very common piece of equipment for home gyms. The reasons for its popularity are certainly the affordable price and easy use. The list of exercises that we can perform, with the help of free yoke is very long – we can use it for squats, thrusters, lunges, exercise ” yoke carrier ” and many others.

The yoke consists of a bar and 2 supports to load weights. To mount the weight supports (30 cm long) to the bar, just attach the chains with four carabiners, which you will find included in the package.

• Bar diameter: 60 mm

• Weight of the product: bar – 4,5kg , each chain – 670g

• Included in the package: a bar, two supporters for weights, two chains and four carabiners


Mighty SX to Yoke Kit
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Royal SX To Yoke Kit
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