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Even Ancient Greeks used Dumbbell- like weights for lifting. As many other things also, dumbbells changed through time. most of people probably know those who can be found in the fitness centers. While circus StrongMan dumbbells are different beasts that are much heavier and generally have a larger handle so that the grip is even harder.

While press with this piece of equipment becomes more difficult, we at the same time train also our grip and perform clean & press exercises. Circus dumbbell is used in StrongMan competitions more and more, and if you want to participate on such competitions or you have an athlete interested in this sport field, you will probably have to equip yourself with it too.


DO NOT THROW IT ON THE GROUND! The consequences can be very unpleasant, since the dumbbell can break, and its pieces can damage people around you.

Circus dumbbell is sold individually.


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