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Expected availability: 27.02.2023

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Natural wood
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Our Jerk Block is entirely produced with extremely precise machine tools which gives it extreme stability and strength. The Jerk Block consists of four boxes of different heights, each of which is made of double-layer wood of 3 cm, further reinforced with strategically placed inserts, which give the surface greater strength. The boxes are stackable, so you can adjust the height and can be used in jerk training, as well as a whole series of exercises, such as block pull-ups, clean or snatch from blocks, partial deadlifts, floor presses, step ups, box jumps etc. We recommend putting the lowest block always on top; doing so will help prevent damage and ensure long life for your Jerk Block.

The use of jerk blocks reduces the possibility of injuries, increases the amount of training with heavy weights, and the depth of squat can be controlled, which is of course different for each individual. It was also found that the use of jerk blocks increases the self-esteem and concentration of athletes, as unnecessary stress is minimized.
Of course, you can create jerk blocks at home, but they will never be as stable and secure as ours, which is machine-made, each part fits exactly into the “puzzle”, and the top part also has a layer of rubber that protects both bumpers and jerk block.

• Height for each single box: 38 cm; 30.5 cm; 15.25 cm; 5.7 cm