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How do you choose the right gym equipment?

This is a question that millions of people ask themselves around the world every day. Often due to little experience we rely on chance, leaving ourselves vulnerable to rude awakenings. So we asked ourselves : How can we help those who are about to buy the equipment for their home gym or for their new gym?

Simple : We created a guide for the purchase of professional gym equipment.

Things to consider

No matter if you are a beginner or professional in the industry, this guide to buying gym equipment will help you to choose the right equipment for your needs in a clear and stress free way.

We have helped hundreds of gym owners to furnish their spaces with our gym equipment and Functional Fitness, today we decided to put at your disposal all the experience we’ve gained over the years.

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Choose variety

Functional Fitness and Functional Training for example incorporate a number of different exercises, offering a complete and intensive training that is easily adaptable to different levels and abilities.

If you are about to open a box or gym, you will need a range of equipment suitable for a number of different activities that are equally durable and of quality.

Having training equipment that allows you to perform more than one exercise is a smart choice that will allow you to save money and have fun at the same time, without ever getting bored during daily workouts, for you and your customers.

In a home gym or a garage gym where space is more limited, one of our complete home gym sets will help you start your workout without having to take up too much space.

Always look for training equipment sets that have a wide variety of equipment so you can mix different sections of training if needed.

With the right advice, you will be able to create a complete training space without spending a fortune, buying consciously and if needed, followed by one of our experts.

 Case Study: Herkul

Choose quality

The perfect Functiona Fitness box allows scalability as the skills of athletes and common users develop. This makes choosing the quality of gym equipment crucial.

Functional Fitness equipment must be up to this task and this means that you have to buy quality equipment. Opting for cheaper equipment will not save you money in the long run, especially in a box where Air Bikes, Rigs, Plyo-boxes must be able to withstand intense and continuous use.

Gym equipment

REMEMBER : Low quality equipment will begin to show signs of wear very quickly becoming a danger to you and your customers.

This applies both to the material for your home gym, and to the equipment of your own box. Choosing fitness equipment such as that of Kingsbox will allow you to enjoy quality products made in Europe by artisans of great skill.

Choosing a company like Kingsbox means having service in your language, professional customer service and top quality material.

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Pay attention to the space

The huge variety of equipment available for Cross Training and CrossFit® can take up a lot of space. Opt for easy-to-store equipment where possible. Always be aware of the role your layout plays and the use of space to make your gym a pleasant place to allow customers to train.

We advise you to read our article on how to design your box. A really complete guide created by our Sales Team with many ideas and tips to follow to avoid incorrect evaluations.

Case Study Box di CrossFit

Don’t be intimidated

If you are buying training equipment for your gym or your box, always try to choose the type of equipment according to the real spaces available. The key to building the perfect Functiona Training box is to engage with professionals in the field, such as designers, athletes, other owners, equipment suppliers.

Sometimes choosing on the spur of the moment can lead to errors of evaluation which can then result in an unnecessary output of precious money.

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Guida all'acquisto all'attrezzatura da palestra

Trust in the professionals

There are so many variables that can make this difficult. The only way to do everything in the best possible way is through design. Relying on a company like ours will allow you to take advantage of the best professionals in the industry who will first advise you before selling.

Most of our employees is a sportsmen and will advise you in choosing the best gym equipment, according to your training needs. whether you are the simple owners of a home gym or the owners of a box.

A last piece of advice

You can get in touch with a simple request for information. If you are about to build your home gym, or if you are thinking of opening your new gym you can have a simple chat with our sales staff, without further obligation.

We are convinced that comparing with professionals in the sector as we, will allow you to start with this project having the ideas much clearer.

You just have to contact us now. Click on the image and send us your request.

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