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Guide to Bumper Plates. Materials and differences between the various models

If you are on your first purchase and want to know more about weight lifting discs then this article is what is right for you. In this detailed article you will find out everything you need to know about bumpers and racing training discs

What are bumper plates

If we wanted to literally translate the term we would end up with something like this : rubber bumper 🙂 But of course it’s not really like that. Bumper plates are weight-lifting discs made of virgin or recycled rubber with a steel core. Present on the world market relatively recently, they have managed thanks to their characteristics to make their way and conquer a really important market share.

Built by definition with a durable and resilient rubber compound. Such materials give certain very interesting characteristics that we will see below.

The core or core is made of steel, this core is then covered by hot vulcanization of the characteristic black rubber that offers at the same time protection to the bumper itself and to the surface that receives the drop.

Benefits Purchase Bumper Plate

Bumper plate serie royal color

There are 2 main advantages to buying bumper plates compared to cast iron discs or other metals.

They’re safer than traditional metal discs.

Bumper plates can be safely dropped from above, without the risk of damaging the floor or lifting platform. They are ideal for performing exercises such as Clean & Jerk as they can be dropped safely if their weight does not allow a smooth run.

They are quieter than traditional steel discs

The rapid rise of recycled rubber discs is mainly due to the silence, a feature that allows owners of commercial gyms located in promiscuous commercial environments not to disturb the other owners of activities that are located near their own training area

Difference between different types of bumpers

There are basically 2 types of bumper plate discs. Training discs and competition discs. The former are used for training in sports such as weightlifting, crossfit, training and other sports that require a bumper that resists continuous bumps with the underlying surface.

Training Bumper plate


The training bumper plates are made of recycled rubber or virgin rubber, the construction process is relatively simple. It starts from a central metal hub that is inserted into a mold of different size and weight depending on the size to be made, to this hub is added a rubber disc that will then be pressed in a machine that adds heat and pressure to occupy all the space of the mould.

Once cooled it can be finished to remove excess rubber.

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Bumper Plate Competition


This type of discs are made for more experienced weight lifters, for whom competitions are a daily occurrence.

To ensure effective training the colors of the bumpers vary as a result of their weight, which makes it easier to distinguish and find them. The diameter of the discs complies with IWF standards (450 mm).

Compared to the other discs, the Bumper Plates Competition are a bit thinner so you can load more weight on a single barbell. The stainless steel insert has a larger diameter which makes it more durable and suitable for high intensity workouts.

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Hi-Temp bumper Discs


Hi-Temp discs are made of high quality recycled rubber that is pressed around the steel ring insert.  They are compatible with all Olympic barbells with standard sleeve diameter. Compared to classic records, these are more bouncy and less noisy.  They are suitable for all gyms and withstand years of deadlifts, clean, Jerks, pushes and blows.

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Not only bumper

In the world of weight lifting discs we can also find other different types of accessory discs, which are made for learning, as in the case of oversized technical discs.

Oversize Technical Plates


The Oversize Technical Plates are an excellent accessory for teaching or learning new Olympic weight lifting techniques and are also suitable for beginners. The size of the discs ensures that the barbell does not fall below 25 cm in height, which allows athletes to stay in the correct starting position.

The only thing that distinguishes it the technical disks from the normal ones (from 10 kg up) is that these disks are not to be dropped on the ground, as they could break or damage the barbell.

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Micro Cargos Rubbed Royal


When chasing a new PR in exercises such as squat, press or deadlift, it is already possible that the 0.5 kg make a significant difference. For this purpose we have designed micro rubberized weights with a hole diameter of 50.4 mm, suitable for all standard Olympic barbells.

The weights are made of rubber, while the inner wheels are reinforced with steel. The discs start with weights from half a kilo up to 2.5 kg, while each weight has its own color, making it easier to distinguish them to load them faster or replace them with the necessary weight.

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The world of gym weights is really fascinating. Thank you for arriving at the end of the article. An informed customer is a customer aware of their choices and ready to buy our products correctly.

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