KingsBox at the FIBO trade fair

Each year KingsBox attends the FIBO trade fair ( From 4 to 7. April in Koln, Germany), but this year it was very special. There were not as many visitors as during previous years, but KingsBox had more exposure and visitors than ever before. Our location was in Hall 9, where most of the important meetings took place, and thanks to our stylish booth and entertaining hourly shows, we got attention and interest from many visitors.

Action on our booth

Our stand was 3 times bigger than in previous years, which is only logical as we developed more products we needed more space to present them to our audience. This year we showcased our new commercial line of strength machines called The Mad Series. The booth was the project of the best designers in the field. It has matched our Raw design and medieval touch. Like every year, we used a concrete-designed background and combined it with a Mighty Rig full of accessories powder coated with black and gold color.

Closet gym – the most popular item

The most successful product of all was our Home gym closet, which we developed during the pandemic times, to help people to train at home, even if they don’t have a lot of space. It looks like a normal closet, but when you open the door, it’s a fully equipped home gym.

This year at the KingsBox booth you also had a chance to take a photo with 3 of the biggest names in the Fitness Industry. Celia Gabbiani, Melody Andreani, and Savannah Prez were part of our KingsBox Fibo staff. They were super energetic, and many visitors had the chance to talk with them about life and fitness.

Of course, we had to take with us also the iconic KingsBox Knight.

We can’t wait to see our community next year with even bigger, better, and the most innovative equipment on the market.


*Operacija je bila za sofinanciranje izbrana na Javnem razpisu za sofinanciranje individualnih nastopov podjetij na mednarodnih sejmih v tujini v letih 2019-2022

**Naložbo sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska Unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj


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