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Low cost home gym | Professional guide for small budgets

Having a gym in the house is the dream of many sportsmen. How to make it on a small budget, however, is a secret that no manufacturer of gym equipment has ever wanted to share.

At least to this day…

As you well know KingsBox has always been at the side of its customers and all those who want to equip their home gym with a reduced budget.

Here is then the professional guide to realize your micro gym at home low cost, with a really small budget.

How to build a home gym with less than 1000 euros

Without a doubt, a home gym can be expensive to build. We have built home gyms for some of our customers that cost tens of thousands of euros.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible to build a gym at home by spending much less.

Want to know if you can create an effective home gym for less than 1000 euros? You can.

To start building your own home gym on a small budget you will need basically a few tools to make it functional for your purpose.

Equipment needed for a gym in the house

  1. Olympic barbell
  2. Rack or squat rack
  3. Chin-up bar
  4. Discs
  5. Kettlebells
  6. Bench press
  7. Hex dumbbells
  8. Rubber carpet

Let’s build your home gym together

As you could see from the list above, building your own home gym will be very simple and fast, as well as inexpensive. Let’s see together then which equipment to buy.

Olympic Barbells

The barbell is the king of the home training gym. It costs little and is a necessary tool for many exercises. Here are some models at a great price and really good quality :

Olympic barbell Kings Bar II.

Our best-selling men’s Olympic Kings Bar II barbell is the new generation of the product that has been the best-selling of the KingsBox brand. The Kings Bar.

This men’s Olympic barbell has a diameter of 28 mm and weighs 20 kg. Like the previous version, this barbell for weight lifting remains faithful to the double knurling medium-strong, which in addition to ensuring a solid grip is also suitable for all types of training, from power-lifting to weightlifting, and all types of WODs.

Bilanciere olimpionico da CrossFit KingsBox

Queens Bar Olympic Barbell

The barbell Olympic Queens Bar is the female version of our best-selling product Kings Bar. Designed for female hands, it has a diameter of 25 mm and a less rough knurling. Without central knurling, it has a double marking to facilitate the handle.

The barbell is so great for both weight lifting as well as for the toughest WODs. The Queens Bar Women’s Olympic barbell can withstand a maximum load of 300 kg and the tensile strength test has shown that it has 180,000 PSI of capacity. This Olympic barbell, considering the price and the quality, certainly ranks among the top barbells on the market. The barbell is entirely covered in hard chrome, which will withstand all external agents, such as water, sun, sweat and magnesium.

Rack or squat rack

The rack or squat rack is another essential accessory to furnish a beautiful and functional home gym with a small budget. Here is a selection of our smartest racks and squats.

Royal Squat SX-10 II for garage gyms

The Royal Squat Rack SX-10 II. from KingsBox is made of high quality steel profiles with measures 60 mm x 60 mm x 3 mm, which means that it can easily hold up more than 450 kg. This Squat Rack is perfect to be placed at home or at the gym. You can use it both for squat workouts, as well as for those with a bench and the price is very low.

We chose this cheap rack because it is right to let our customers know the most economical but performing options of our products.

Home Adjustable Rack AS-5

The Home Adjustable Rack AS-5 is a barbell rack made of steel profiles with measures 50 x 50 mm that holds up to 180 kg of weight. This product is great for your workouts at home. It takes up very little space, and easy to move and after use you can conveniently store it in any corner.

How much does it cost? Very little.

Gym weight plates for barbells

The training bumper plates are made of recycled rubber or virgin rubber, the construction process is relatively simple. It starts from a central hub in metal that is inserted into a mold of the size and weight different according to the size desired, To this hub is added a rubber disc that will then be pressed into a machine that adds heat and pressure to occupy all the space of the mold.

Royal Blak Bumper Plates

Bumper Plate Royal KingsBox da CrossFit

The Kingsbox Olympic weight plates are standard Olympic weights (450 mm diameter), made of steel and rubber, designed for daily barbell training. The central hole ring of the bumper is made of steel that is melted with rubber.

To ensure a solid grip we have added to the insert two anchor rods that prevent the rotation of the central part. New design – high quality from the Kingsbox brand. High strength, a very low rebound and controlled, affordable price. What distinguishes our rubberized weights from those of the competition is the fact that we thought about making the discs a little thinner so as to allow you to load more weight on a single barbell.

5 kg discs are not suitable for being dropped freely on the floor.

Hi-Temp 3.0 bumper discs

Bumper Plate CrossFit Hi temp

Hi-Temp 3.0 discs are made of high quality recycled rubber that is pressed around the steel ring insert. They are compatible with all Olympic barbells with standard sleeve diameter. Compared to classic records, these are bouncyer and less noisy. They are suitable for all gyms and withstand years of deadlifts, cleans, Jerks, pushes and hits.

If you want to buy our Hi-Tempt bumper plates you can find them here.

Royal Micro Wheeled Loads

Micro carichi gommati

When chasing a new PR in exercises such as squat, press, or deadlift, half a kilo makes a significant difference. For this purpose we have designed micro wheel loads with a hole diameter of 50.4 mm, suitable for all standard Olympic barbells.

The weights are made of rubber, while the inner rims are reinforced with steel. The discs start with weights from half a kilo up to 2.5 kg, while each weight has its own color, making it easier to distinguish them to load them faster or replace them with the necessary weight.


Buy the correct kettlebells

Since kettlebells became popular in gyms, more and more companies have started selling and manufacturing them. But beware, not all are the same. Here is a short guide to buying the first Kettlebell :

Competition Kettlebell

This type of kettlebell has a more square handle and the body of the kettlebell remains the same size regardless of weight. This type of kettlebell is designed for competition and the narrow handle allows the minimum movement of the hand inside the handle. This type of kettlebell is perfect for one-handed exercises, but for beginners it offers little space to hold the tool with two hands.

Kettlebell in cast iron

The cast iron kettlebells have a slightly rounded handle, have a uniform shape and have no sharp corners. The space between the handle and the sphere should be large enough to pass a closed fist horizontally but not so large that you can pass a closed fist vertically. Choosing the correct kettlebell is of vital importance. Poorly designed Kettlebells will not perform their task optimally and will seriously reduce the result of the training.

Gym dumbbells

Times have changed. Today there are three common types of dumbbells: adjustable, fixed and selective. Here is a series of different models

Adjustable dumbbells for gym

Adjustable gym dumbbells allow you to adjust the weight according to specific needs or exercises. These dumbbells usually consist of a small handlebar and weights. The biggest advantage of adjustable dumbbells is that they do not require much space.

Fixed dumbbells

manubri da palestra in casa fissi

The rubber dmbbells are made of cast iron or iron covered with plastic/urethane of different weight. These dumbbells are ideal if you have a workout routine that requires different amounts of weight and you don’t have much time between sets to adjust your weight.

Hex dumbbells hexagonal

Manubri esagonali

Hex dumbbells , are present in almost all boxes of Cross Training and also in classic gyms.

Flat bench

Not always you need specific benches, in this case if you have a home gym or even a gym with nospecific needs, buying our flat bench is the best choice, at a low price you can buy a guaranteed European quality product at a very affordable price.

Our flat bench has been designed to meet the needs of gyms as well as small home gym. The sections that compose it are entirely made of steel and must be fixed with the screws that you will find included in the package.

Our bench is suitable for all those who love weight lifting and want a stable and reliable product for training.

Rubber floor for home gym

The first thing to do is choose to install a recycled rubber floor. For two simple reasons :

  1. Protect your joints from trauma and injury
  2. Protect the substrate of your garage or home room.

Okay, but how much does a recycled rubber floor cost? Not so much, our Royal rubber floor is one of the cheapest on the market and made with the best raw materials.

Example home gym under 1000 euro

Here is a real example of a basic gym to start training safely

1) Olympic barbell Kings Bar II 179.45 €

1) Home Adjustable Rack AS-5 252.54 €

5o kg) Kingsbox Olympic discs 199.7 €

2 from 10 kg ) Kettlebell in cast iron 82.34 €


2 from 10 kg Hex dumbbells 79.30 €

1) Flat bench 149.15 €

4 from 100×100 1.5cm ) Gym floor 101.08 €

*Prices as of today


As you could see, thanks to our home gym guide on a small budget, we were able to create a real dream gym with a budget of less than 1000 euros.

You just have to visit our online store and proceed with your purchases.

Thank you!


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