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The Kingsbox Olympic discs have according to IWF’s standards a diameter of 450 mm. They are made of steel and rubber, designed for daily training with the barbell. The ring of the bumper’s central hole is made of steel that is melted with rubber. To ensure a solid grip, we have added two anchoring rods to the insertion hole, to prevent the central part from rotating. New design – high quality of the Kingsbox brand. High resistance, a very low and controlled rebound, at an affordable price. What distinguishes our rubber weights from those of our competitors is the fact that we thought of making the discs a bit thinner in order to load more weight on a single bar.

The 5 kg discs are not designed to be thrown freely on the floor, but must in anycase be put down in a safe manner, thus preventing their damage.

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Plate thickness: 5kg – 26mm // 10kg – 45mm // 15kg – 62mm // 20kg – 73mm // 25kg – 86mm