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The Queens Bar is the female version of our best-selling product Kings Bar. Designed for female hands, it has a diameter of 25 mm and a less rough knurling. It's not equipped with central knurling, but it has a double marking to facilitate the grip. The barbell is so good both for lifting weights and also for the toughest WOD.

The Queens Bar resists up to a maximum load of 300 kg and the tensile strength test has shown that it has 180,000 PSI. This barbell, considering the price and the quality, is definitely placed among the top barbells on the market. The barbell is entirely covered in hard chrome, which will make it resistant to all external agents, such as water, sun, sweat and magnesium. It is therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Queens Bar is a product that is used by all the athletes of our biggest gyms, because in addition to being a high quality barbell, it also has an elegant and sophisticated design.


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