Gym Essentials Part 1 | gym flooring | your gym must haves

The gym floor, one of the essential accessories for your gym.


Often you buy many accessories and equipment for your gym, without really knowing if then they will really be used for training.

So here is a SUPER GUIDE to help you buy all the essentials for your gym without spending even a euro more.

Are you ready? Let’s go then đŸ™‚

Here is the first part of our series of interesting articles about ACCESSORIES AND ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT for your gym that talks about flooring. Let’s find out together which one to choose and how to understand which one is right for us.

Gym flooring

Let’s start from the bottom, and start talking about the gym floor. You exact just one of the fountain products to allow you to train not only to protect your floor and your equipment, but also to protect your joints from unexpected trauma.

In fact, the gym flooring is essential to have a smooth and homogenous surface that allows you to always have your feet flat with a safe position.

Which gym flooring to choose

Good question! Here is a short cart of our available products that we recommend.

Rubber flooring for gyms

 Pavimento da palestra in gomma

The rubber floor for gyms is the first thing to buy, to allow your original substrate, and your precious equipment to not suffer damage.

The common gym rubber flooring is made of different types of rubber including virgin rubber (very expensive) the best selling is recycled rubber SBR, SBR is a copolymer of styrene-butadiene that takes its name from the English Styrene Butadiene Rubber, elastomer consisting of monomeric units of styrene and butadiene that is used to make tires.

Which thickness to choose

What thickness of rubber flooring do you recommend me? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.

We usually recommend different thicknesses depending on the type of floor you have:

Concrete floor – choose 1.5 cm

Wooden floor – choose the 2 cm floor

Ceramic tiles – choose the 3 cm

Recycled rubber for gyms

pavimento palestra in gomma SBR
To help the environment are used precisely tires used to make this type of gym floor, which at the end of their life, are recycled through a series of processes that reduce them into small rubber pellets SBR, then sent to companies that make floors for gyms.

Through the action of heat and some binders combined with a huge pressing force are made the modern rubber “tiles” SBR, with the characteristic appearance that you can see below in the image

Anti vibration foam for gyms

schiuma per pavimento palestra
Many gyms are built in garages or apartments that are part of real estate complexes where multiple families or other businesses reside and it may happen that the only rubber floor SBR, is not able to effectively attenuate the noise of the barbells that are often dropped. The effective solution to this problem lies in the “anti vibration foam tiles”.

The anti-vibration foam, which is also the main component of our Kingsbox Shields, is sold in large slabs of 1 1 m. and is made of foam (memory foam), with a density of : 150kg/m3.

Tatami Mjudo for gyms

Tatami Mjudo
The Tatami Mjudo is the solution for those who try to cover the floor of their gym and turn it into a soft, comfortable and resistant surface.

Made of EVA rubber, it is waterproof designed especially for MMA, Bjj, Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido and Hapkido.

Cushions for barbell

For those who do not have the ability to cope with the expense of a whole under foam flooring anti noise, are available cushions that absorb the shocks effectively.

After several requests to design a floor that absorbs noise and protects the floor below, our experts have created the Kingsbox Shield.

A special flooring designed to effectively reduce the impact of weights and allow the absorption of sounds and shocks avoiding damage and wear.

A great alternative to the gym floor

Leather upholstery filled with a quality memory foam, which retains its shape even after years of use.

Weight lifting platform

Another solution very convenient and affordable for everyone. The weightlifting platform is designed for Olympic weightlifting. Its size of 3 m x 2 m is suitable for home gym who do not want to install a full gym floor, or want to use this accessory platform to have maximum control over their training sessions.

Perfect for CrossTraining and Powerlifting

Easy to assemble, it can be made entirely of rubber or accompanied by a central wooden plate painted with non-slip paint. The weight plate will soften the fall of the barbell, thus protecting the floor as well as the discs and the balance.

Synthetic grass floor

Gyms are evolving and incorporating increasingly diverse forms of training, which in turn require various floors on which to train customers. Of course, a natural turf would be ideal, but in gyms it is almost impossible to maintain. This is precisely why gym owners resort to a simpler alternative: synthetic grass.

The grass floor made in puzzle format is easy to install and clean. The individual pieces of flooring must be joined together like any puzzle, without needing special tools for its installation. Keeping and disassembling them is also very easy – so you can easily clean them under water, dry them and reassemble them.


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