Gym cleaning – let’s take care of the rubber floor

How to clean a gym rubber floor? What are the steps to take and what products to use to prevent it from being damaged and hard over time.

At home we clean and wash the floors and we vacuum to remove dirt, even in the gym we have to take care of the rubber floor. Fortunately, the maintenance of the rubber in sbr is very easy and you will be able to realize this also in this article.

Caution: after reading this article you will no longer have any excuse to neglect the flooring in your training area.

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How to clean the rubber floor

The rubber is very durable – reduces noise and cushions falls, is anti-matter, not slippery… the advantages are many. Despite his resistance, he needs attention. If you do not regularly take care of your flooring, it will lose its shine because of all the dirt and it will be very difficult to bring it back to its initial state.

The cleaning of the rubber can be divided into daily or weekly cleaning and periodic cleaning.

Step 1

First we recommend that you vacuum at least once a week to remove dust and dirt. As the gym is well frequented, you will have to repeat this task daily. We try to reach every corner of our gym, even the most hidden. A deep suction will avoid transporting waste at the next washing stage.

Step 2

Get a mop and a simple floor cleaner little aggressive and if possible add a few drops of pine essence. Be careful not to wet the flooring too much and not to use too aggressive products, which could damage it. We advise you to use a common dish detergent and only use water in the following steps. As you can see the water in the bucket will quickly become dirty and you will often have to change it, remember that a clean floor will last much longer.

Valuable advice

Even if you work every day and take care of your rubber, once a month you have to clean it thoroughly. As your rubber is fixed to the floor with glue or adhesive tape we recommend that you clean it first with a non-aggressive product and leave it to act for ten minutes. After ten minutes, vacuum with water to remove the smallest particles of dust.

With rubber tiles cleaning is even easier, as you can remove them, thoroughly wash one by one and also clean the floor below. You can also move tiles on which you walk more frequently with those you use less. In this way they will remain as new for a long period of time.

Every day you have to be careful of accidents that could damage your tires. In a home gym or fitness center it is normal that you spill a bottle of water or an energy drink. In this case, the rubber must be dried immediately, so that it is not in contact with large quantities of water for too long and is indelibly stained.

If you follow these simple tips your rubber flooring will last for many years without getting ruined. We also recommend the same treatment for your home gym


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