Palestra in casa – risparmia tempo e denaro, aumentando i risultati

Gym at home – save time and money, increasing results

Imagine opening the door to the gym at home, all the equipment and accessories are in place, ready to be chosen for your training. The lighting is perfect, the music fully meets your tastes and it suits the mood of the moment, you do not need to wait for the previous group to end, no one bothers you with your gaze fixed on you. You have all the intimacy you need to focus on the training that awaits you. You have to believe, having the gym at home is a fantastic feeling, which we wish everyone.

We want to give you a news that will make you rejoice: having a gym at home is no longer a rarity, indeed, just the opposite! Home Gym is growing like mushrooms after the rain. In addition to athletes who are driven every day by their competitiveness and by the constant search for new methods to achieve ever better results, there are also many amateurs, soldiers, young generations…, who are investing more and more in their health and fitness. The gym at home is not only very affordable, but also a sensible choice, especially if we take into account the fast pace of life today

idea per la tua palestra casalinga Without a home gym, it’s actually very difficult to achieve good results. We’re mainly talking about those who train at least four times a week and aim high. Anyone who does a little sport, develops, consciously or not, at least a minimum of that healthy competitiveness, which pushes him to be always better, surpassing others. The athlete is therefore ready to make sacrifices, including to equip his own gym at home. The space and finances available are elements that form the best challenges for consultants as we are. Taking into account that we also make custom-made equipment, we are happy to be able to solve any type of problem.

Palestra a casa, una scelta sempre piu anche femminile

More information on the design and installation of a gym in the house will be revealed in the last part of the article. First, we’d like to go over all the advantages that the home gym brings with it.

Advantages of the home-made gym

By creating their own gym, each athlete can achieve new goals and at the same time save time and money. What are the benefits of having a gym at home?

So much I ask again about the time

It is very likely that at the moment the round trip to the gym will take you away once again as much time as you spend on training. The gym at home will save you time on the road and you can also train at any time of the day – early in the morning, late in the evening, on Sundays and even at Christmas. Can you imagine how beautiful that would be?

An investment that pays off

Time is money. But it won’t just be the time you’ll save. It might not look like that, but also the money savings will be significant.

Take just 2 minutes and do the math: add the expenses for the round trip to the gym, add the membership fee and the monthly registration fee and the time you spend on the road. The amount is probably already more than enough to buy quality equipment for your gym.

Surely you have already happened, like all of us, to enter the gym with very clear ideas about the training to be carried out, but the equipment you needed was busy, in conditions of unacceptable wear or dirty, making you change your mind about the use of the same. In addition, very often, the professional centers decide to put a limit of use on each individual machine. If you want to improve your endurance, this rule is unacceptable! The best remedy to all these inconveniences is having the gym at home.

And there’s more! At home you can afford the equipment that best suits you.

Greater Efficiency

When in the gym everything is adapted to your needs, the training can be much better. In fact, you can concentrate exclusively on the training and the quality of execution of this, without any kind of distraction.

If you’re a sociable guy who craves companionship, you can always think about inviting one or more friends to train with you.


Achieve better results with the gym at home, saving time, money and energy


Training at home or at the gym?

Comfort certainly does not take on an equally high value for everyone, but we have to admit it – no one likes the clutter of people we can find in certain gyms: people who take over the equipment, without knowing how to use it, damaging it, or those who sweat without using the appropriate towel.

It is clear that equipping the gym of your dreams takes time, but the satisfaction and the benefits that you will get once the work is done, will repay all the sacrifices made: with a little discipline the gym will always be clean, the space exploited to the best, the equipment positioned to your liking and you will not have snooping around… Perfect!

How to give a gym in the house?

We can also help you in the realization of the gym of your dreams: we have experience and knowledge in the field of design as well as in the production of equipment (also tailored) for all different types of training. Having already equipped many professional centers, small and large gyms in the house we are sure to find (or invent) the right solution for you!

The value of an investment in your own home gym

If the majority of your second thoughts come from financial resources and if the explanations about the convenience of such an investment have not convinced you, then we’ll tell you this again: setting up your own gym does not have a disproportionate cost. Of course, if you want to have all the cardio machines and other very specific equipment at your disposal, then you can spend a fortune, but for a functional gym that is intelligently equipped and to take advantage of all the benefits that derive from it, you just have to spend from 1000 to 2000€.

Based on our experience we advise you to focus your research on new equipment – yes, of course, with the equipment used you could save 100, 200€, but the purchase of used equipment is like Russian roulette: You may experience very old and worn equipment without any warranty, which you may have to replace after the first month of training.

Space and equipment

Do you already know how to make the most of your space and how to equip your gym?

Even if you don’t, we can help you – we set our work according to your needs and requests, so that you can then offer the opportunity for optimal workouts within your new gym.

We have all already bought expensive but poor quality equipment, which at first served as hangers in our rooms, and then ended up under a layer of dust in the attic. You certainly do not want to relive the same experience, so let us help and advise.

With the help of our equipment, also made to measure, we want to present you all the advantages of training in your home gym, and allow you to make an investment in life, improving your psycho-healthwithout having to go through negative experiences.

Seen and considered, that you are reading this article, we are sure that the search for a reliable brand that sells quality products will not take away much time. In our online shop you can find high quality and robust tools at affordable prices, which will allow you to get closer to the realization and your dreams.

Basic equipment for a mini gym at home

The base pack includes a barbell of your choice and different combinations of bumper weights. All other packages are richer and include various tools – from kettlebells, to skipping rope, exercise rings, rowing machine, climbing rope and much more…

In addition to the equipment, you will also have to face some expenses to fix the rubber flooring of the gym and mirrors, which you will need to check and correct the posture. If you have a space of about 30 square meters, you have to charge an additional 500€ in order to have a complete gym.

How to take care of your gym

In the end we take the freedom to give you some more advice, which you can use when the gym is already in use:

  • With the help of proper disinfectants and detergents, your gym will always be clean and tidy. The smell and filth can discourage you from training, and even family or friends will not want to keep you company!
  • Learn about the correct use of every single tool you have in the gym – you can prevent annoying injuries or too fast wear of products.
  • Keep your gym always clean and your equipment tidy, in place, thus also avoiding injuries.

We hope to have convinced you – not only on the value of your investment, but also on the quality of the Kingsbox brand, which with its staff is certainly the ideal partner that will help you realize, step by step, your sports temple.

Cosa devo sapere sulla palestra in casa?

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