Lifting Benches – a buyers guide

There are many different types of benches on the market and it can be a little overwhelming when you are choosing a bench for yourself or your gym. That is why we have made a guide trough different type of benches for you. To make that decision easier.

We could divide the different types of benches currently on the market into 4 groups:

Adjustable Benches

Designed to quickly change the incline of the backrest and the seat. Good for attacking different muscle groups during your haltères training. Usually equipped with wheels to roll the bench under your lifting bar but they are not meant for heavyweight training. A great example is the Royal Adjustable Bench which allows for 30 different incline variations.

Flat Benches

A simple reliable classic. Useful for a variety of exercises, that you don’t need the incline for. Very stable and usually lower than the adjustable benches. Royal flat bench would be an example of this type of benches. It has wider pillow support (250mm) and a sturdy steel profile.

Olympic Weight Benches

This type of benches has a barbell rack built-in. A very stable and safe choice. But they take up some room.

Special Benches

Benches specially designed to train specific muscle groups, exercises or movements. A great example of a special bench is t.i. Scott Bench. This bench is made for exercises that isolate biceps and prevents you to use your hips, back or shoulders. Another example is the abdominal bench.


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