What is a curved treadmill and why should you use one

The curved treadmill is a new model of treadmill that is depopulating in all gyms of the world. Its characteristics are revolutionary and does not require electricity to operate. The curved running surface offers a totally different experience than a traditional motorized treadmill.

The self-powered treadmill allows you to run naturally just as if you were running outdoors on your legs. But a peculiarity of this curved treadmill or treadmill (for lovers of the English language) has captured athletes from all over the world. The type of movement that is performed to run on this particular curved treadmill in fact, uses more muscle groups in the body at the same time than the traditional way of running of many athletes.

In fact, the particular shape of the curved section, pushes to use not so much the heel but the front of the foot. Allowing the use of a whole series of muscle portions that are stimulated simultaneously and effectively.

A single tool to train different domains.

The natural conformation of this type of equipment, offers the possibility to train and enhance simultaneously different skills including :

  • Cardiorespiratory resistance
  • Muscular endurance
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Potency
  • barbell

Why should you consider using a curved treadmill?

A curved treadmill offers many advantages in terms of performance improvement. The first is definitely the use and stimulation of multiple muscle groups during exercise and the increased expenditure of energy compared to a classic motor treadmill.

Thanks to the propulsion technique necessary to advance the running belt (similar to natural running), the curved treadmill naturally recruits for its operation, plus muscles including buttocks and hamstrings. Minimizing the vertical displacement of the center of mass , there is a coincident increase in energy expenditure.

tapis roulant curvo kingsbox

The design of the curved treadmill encourages running using the front of the foot, which in turn reduces impact on joints and improves performance. Thanks to this arrangement there is a greater involvement of the core and trunk due to the need to run with an ergonomically correct angle.

It has been shown that using a treadmill like this the average calorie consumption is 30% higher!! (compared to a classic motor treadmill)

Why would you consider adding a curved treadmill to your gym?

There are a number of reasons why a gym should consider adding a curved treadmill to its area for cardiovascular improvement. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Safer than traditional motorized treadmills.
  2. Less friction and no heat generation due to the interaction between the belt system and the transport system.
  3. The running surface differs fundamentally from the running belts on traditional treadmills, where cotton-nylon belts are normally used.
  4. No electricity supply required.
  5. Respectful of the environment.
  6. Longer life than a traditional treadmill because there are no motorized parts.
  7. Maintenance costs reduced to a minimum.
  8. Effective in training multiple domains simultaneously.

tapis roulant curvo treadmill

How to train with the curved treadmill?

The curved treadmills can be used just as you would with a traditional treadmill, even with this new type of treadmill you can perform any type of exercise, from the sprint intervals for example up to the run in slow progress. But there are substantial differences in the types of results obtained

There are three main types of training in which the curved treadmill gives the best of itself, and they are :

Training for the sprint

Sprint intervals are an ideal workout because there is no motor. This means that the athlete can start his sprint interval very quickly without having to wait for the motor of the classic treadmill to rotate the belt at a certain speed before being able to shoot.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

With a curved treadmill you have the possibility to adjust your pace autonomously by increasing the pace, to simulate road running or running at intervals. Because it has no speed limits, the curved treadmill is a great choice for elite level athletes where the required pace is faster than the maximum speed of any commercial motorized treadmill currently on sale.

Training for cardiovascular resistance

Thanks to the revolutionary traction method it offers a higher resistance compared to a classic treadmill. The type of posture used during the exercises, conditions exponentially their cardiovascular capacity and offers an always effective training, which resists always guaranteed results over time.

History of the Treadmill

If you are curious and want to know the incredible history of the Treadmill we invite you to read this wonderful article.


The curved treadmill has brought a real revolution to the fitness world. Training with such an instrument means experiencing a unique experience that is as close as ever to the natural race. Lack of motor and traction belt conformation place this conditioning tool among the best in the world to improve a range of skills on multiple domains.

Where to buy a curved treadmill ?

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