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Professional comprehensive guide to gym equipment for hotels

If you belong to the hospitality industry and you are the owner or manager of a hotel you can not miss this professional guide to the construction of a gym for hotels.

The hotel gym equipment industry has been growing steadily for years, keeping up to date on the latest trends is essential for hotels with fitness centers to meet the needs of their guests.

We decided to create this professional guide on the realization of gyms for hotels to allow you to choose the necessary equipment.

Why you should have a gym in your hotel

More and more people choose to train during while travelling, whether for pleasure or business, and many of them are quite demanding about their training environment.

According to a survey by, about 70% of the people interviewed are willing to pay an extra for a hotel that offers gym equipment. Another research carried out by Tripadvisor found that 64% of people prefer hotel gyms for exercising on holiday.

As a result, many hotels are already working on improving their rig and fitness programs.

A gym adds further prestige to your hotel, attracting more customers than any sector. Offering your guests such advantages during their stay is a great way to make your business even more profitable.

A continuously growing trend

Royal Closet Gym | Home Gym richiudibile per hotel

There is still a strong increase in demand for sports equipment in hotels. Hilton hotels have even managed to provide personalised gym equipment in their guests’ rooms.

Knowing where to start when you decide to buy gym equipment for your hotel is not always easy.

In the following sections, we have some valuable tips to help you in the purchasing process.

What are the guests looking for in the hotel’s gym equipment?

Extra services are an important factor for the success of any hotel business. Modern hotellerie is no longer just a bed to sleep in, especially thanks to the powerful hotel chains that set high standards for entertainment and comfort.

Below you will find information on the type of fitness equipment that hotel guests expect to find.

Clean and efficient equipment

Royal Closet Gym | Home Gym richiudibile per hotel

One of the basic requirements for hotels is space. Instead of filling the entire area with bulky equipment, choose a type of equipment that leaves adequate free space to allow users to train without hindering each other.

Of course, make sure your equipment is always clean.

Equipment that offers variety

Training nowadays does not mean using a treadmill and lifting weights. There are different styles and fitness programs that require equally different training equipment. You will have to keep up with the latest training trends to make your fitness center performing and really available for your guests.

An example? Our Royal Closet Gym. The perfect foldable home gym for every room in your hotel!

Fun equipment

Offer your guests a type of equipment that not only allows them to train, but also makes them have fun, so make room for med balls, rowing machines, slam balls and much more.

Space planning

Royal Closet Gym | Home Gym richiudibile per hotel

Thanks to the high standards set by the best hotel chains, the expectations have also increased. By now we are used to feel safe and at ease, so it is very important to consider the use of free weights and the different levels of difficulty, remembering that not everyone is professional and that our priority is the safety of our guests.

What to consider during installation


  1. Have different areas for cardio equipment and  strength.
  2. The aerobic equipment should have a free space of 40 cm on each side to allow a fitness instructor to stand at a safe distance and guide users.
  3. Even the back of a treadmill should have a free space of at least one metre.
  4. Cardio machines should be positioned in front of a window or TV to keep users involved.
  5. Consider installing mirrors in the strength training area to allow guests to maintain the correct placement during weight lifting exercises.


The growing trend has favored the transition from traditional exercise methods to more innovative techniques with equipment called “free body” introducing accessories such as :

  • Med Balls
  • Kettlebells
  • Battle Ropes
  • dumbbells

Hotels use new trends to enhance the experience of their guests and consequently improve the reviews, with extraordinary results.

The truth is: The simple treadmill next to the basement fountain is no longer enough.

Even if you have limited space you can maximize the impact with smart and efficient planning.

Best gym equipment for hotels

Surely Kingsbox thanks to its team of designers is one of the best brands in Europe that produces gym equipment for hotels and is always available to provide support, especially in the designing phase.

Maintenance of equipment

Never forget to perform scheduled maintenance of equipment. By doing some simple operations you will get concrete benefits include:

  1. Ensureing the safety of your guests when they use the equipment
  2. Avoiding damage and wear of equipment
  3. Protecting equipment parts saving on replacement costs
  4. Increasing the life of the equipment

Bonus tips

The following tips will help you create one of the best hotel gyms your guests have ever visited!

Tip No. 1 | Programming is key

In the early stages, you should have an idea of the overall design process, e.g.:

  1. Feasibility study; project analysis
  2. Project management and planning
  3. Creation of 2D and 3D floor renderings
  4. Reception and installation of equipment
  5. Staff training
  6. Marketing and promotion
  7. Signage and branding
  8. Maintenance, service and support of the facility

Tip No. 2 The devil is in the details:

  1. Avoid low ceilings: they will give a feeling of depression to the area
  2. Install mirrors in the strength training area
  3. Install high quality SBR rubber for paving
  4. Lighting is a crucial feature of any good gym. To keep your guests motivated you will need to a flattering illumination that highlights the muscles.
  5. Provide enough light that also comes from the outside

Suggestion n.3 Privacy as a priority

Some hotels offer subscription plans to cover the initial cost of building their own gym for hotels and open the doors to external customers. Other hotels prefer to keep the gym private only for paying guests, in this case a part of the cost of the room could be used for the regular operation and maintenance of the fitness center of the hotel.


Many people like to keep up with their workout routines even while traveling and a gym can automatically help you attract more customers. If you are ready to open your gym in your hotel you just have to contact us at this address: our team of experts will follow you in all stages of implementation from design to implementation.

We hope this article has been useful for your planning of the project.

See you soon!


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