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If someone told you that there is a closet that is not meant for clothes, tools, or kitchen pots, but it is actually a real gym, would you believe it? Now your answer can be yes!

This is the first modern closet equipped with all the equipment you need for everyday training. The the closet gym is cleverly designed for various spaces like houses, hotels, apartments, as it takes up little space, and you can adjust the color to the furniture that you already have in the room.

Inside the Closet!
Stored in the closet, you will find our famous Royal TNT rack with the adjustable Pull-Up Bar, Barbell hanger, and bumper storage. A perfect all-around training station on which you can train both pull-ups and do your barbell exercises.

Custom Exterior Design!
The design and the wooden exterior is made in Europe. To make sure the Closet Gym matches the interior design of your apartment or hotel room, you can choose between 5 different color options.

- Included
- Closet
- Royal TNT Rack
- J-Cups
- Bumper storage
- Barbell holder

You will need to fix the KingsBox Closet Gym to a load-bearing wall.