The ultimate guide to cardio training machines

There are so many ways to get an effective cardio workout using a wide range of equipment. In this article we will help you understand which are the best “cardio” machines for your training and which are the best available on the market.

Don’t worry, we did the research for you, evaluating the pros and cons of most commonly used cardio machines. Read on to find out which type of machine is the best option for your home gym, your fitness center, your Crossfit Box or your Personal Trainer studio.


Treadmills are probably the most effective cardio equipment as they allow our body to move naturally while removing part of the shock value of walking or running on hard surfaces and is considered the prince of cardio machines.

You can use a wide range of training styles by performing different speed ranges or just doing occasional jogging when you don’t have a speed session in your daily workout schedule.

Running on a treadmill will never be as challenging as running outside live, but you can get close enough to that kind of effort with the right tricks.

Curved treadmill

tapis roulant curvo treadmill

The curved treadmill is a new model of treadmill that is depopulating in all gyms of the world. Its characteristics are revolutionary and does not require electricity to operate. The curved rolling surface offers a totally different experience than a traditional motorized treadmill.

The powered treadmill allows running in a natural way just as if you were running outdoors on your own legs. But a peculiarity of this curved treadmill or treadmill (for lovers of the English language) has captured athletes from all over the world. The type of movement that you perform to run on this particular curved treadmill in fact, uses multiple muscle groups in the body at the same time compared to the traditional way of running of many athletes

Pros of Buying a Curved Treadmill

tapis roulant curvo treadmill kingsbox

  • Treadmills allow your bones to benefit from reduced impact due to contact with concrete in live running.
  • Training can be made more difficult by adjusting speed, tilt or both, mimicking real-world situations where benefits are transferred directly like running for the bus or hike.
  • It is easy to customize workouts with different time intervals of different speeds to suit anyone, from beginner to advanced athlete.
  • They are versatile, allowing you to continue walking if you are recovering from an injury.

A good quality treadmill like this is undeniably one of the best cardio machines available on the market.

Which Curved Treadmill to Buy

As you know here at Kingsbox home research of materials and suppliers of high quality products are a constant. For this reason we have decided to offer you for the purchase our model of curved treadmill ROYAL AIR RUNNER. at an unprecedented price, with the guarantee to always offer you the best at the right price and also we always have the legendary ASSAULT AIRRUNNER.

Rowing machines

The rowing machine is next on the list because it offers a high caloric consumption ratio when used correctly.

The rowing machines, if used correctly, activate all major muscle groups of the body (arms, legs, back and core), providing an extremely effective whole body workout that increases the heart rate very swiftly.

A good rowing machine could also be one of the best cardio machines due to its ability to provide a low impact whole body workout that almost everyone can benefit from.

Pros of buying a rowing machine

Vogatore Concept modello D
Rowing Concept model D
  • Rowing machines burn more calories per minute than any other cardio machine.
  • They provide a complete body workout.
  • Some can be conveniently folded.
  • They are low impact for joints.

The rowing machine from the gym replicates in a very accurate way the training of an athlete who makes rowing his method of training involves 80% of the muscle system, including abdominals, buttocks, back and legs. Hardly any other endurance sport is so effective.

The space occupied by a rowing machine is really minimal and its use during a personal training session offers added value to the training program offered to the customer.

Which rowing machine to buy

Basically there are two leading companies that can meet these needs, one is the Concept2 the other is the Xebex.

We at Kingsbox obviously have in stock both the flagship model of the Concept Model D and the Concept Model E both the Xebex Air Rower 3.0 and the Xebex Air Rower 2.0.

In short, whatever model of rowing you intend buy for your personal trainer studio, your Crossfit box or your home gym on our website you will find the most suitable model for you.

Air bike

The air bike is basically an exercise bike with steroids, which allows you to get all the benefits of a cardio workout of a solid cycling session without having to ride a real bike outside.

Cycling caters to a wide range of leg muscles and, provided the configuration is suitable for body alignment, can be an excellent way to avoid joint problems associated with running.

The air bike is not a classic exercise bike or spinning bike, it is a real assault tool! its particularity is the combined use of arms and legs, which used in unison push the two main levers through the use of the arms and the two pedals through the use of the legs. This portento of fitness, uses a fan to generate wind resistance, so the more you pedal, the higher the resistance.

Built entirely of metal and plastic, it does not need any electrical aid and is completely mechanical. Lack of electrical parts, and maintenance to a minimum have allowed the air bike to enter more and more forcefully not only in the boxes of Crossfit but also in the most classic gyms. Its efficiency during workouts is deadly. Thanks to a single tool it is possible to use almost all the musculature of the body at the same time, combining a huge effort with a huge benefit.

Pro of the purchase of the Air Bike

  • Increase in explosive force
  • Strengthening resistance
  • Caloric expenditure

Which Air Bike model to buy ?

Here at Kingsbox we always strive to choose the best products on the market. In our store you can find some of the best Air Bike on the market. Including the legendary ASSAULT AIR BIKE and the equally valuable XEBEX AIR BIKE. Do not forget and keep in mind also the BIKE ERG at CONCEPT 2 always available in our store.


The Bikeerg is the latest innovation of the Concept2 family of sport ergometers. The fan and monitor of Bikeerg are identical to those of the Indoor Rower and Skierg, bringing to cycling the same quality and strength that rowing and cross-country skiing.

Unlike similar devices, the Bikeerg is much lighter and so gives you the feeling of cycling in the open air.

Training with this bike is suitable for everyone. The damper replaces the gears and allows you to modulate the intensity of your training. Unlike most static bikes, the Bikeerg has the clutch, like a real bike, when you stop pedaling, the fan keep turning and go freewheel!

Pro of the purchase of the Bikeerg

  • Top quality equipment
  • Perfect for home use or PT
  • Indispensable for athletes of CF

Easy to mount and move, with easily adjustable saddle and handlebar. You can even use the saddle, handlebars and pedals of your bike, as the Bikeerg is compatible with most standard accessories. It is also equipped with polygroove straps rather than a chain, for a quieter and more comfortable journey. Buy your BIKEERG

SkiErg Concept2

The Skierg in Concept2 puts Nordic skiing within everyone’s reach. The training of Nordic skiing, which has long been recognized as one of the hardest, develops strength and endurance and is an excellent training for legs, arms and torso. The Skierg can be used both for the double pole technique and for the classic alternating arms.

The Skierg uses the same air resistance and electronic monitoring as the Indoor Rower, a choice by rowing athletes from around the world since 1981, so you can rest assured that the machine is built to last. In addition to being durable and well built, the Skierg is also sophisticated with an advanced monitor which provides precise and immediate data on training performance.

Pro of the purchase of the Skierg Concept2

  • It helps to build strength and endurance by working the whole body
  • It provides an excellent specific workout for sports
  • The performance monitor gives you instant feedback

The Skierg offers all the benefits of aerobic and strength training, and is also available when there is no snow or you cannot reach the slopes. Even if you’ve never worn a pair of skis, the Skierg is the perfect tool to help you reap the benefits of a ski workout while staying at home. Buy your Concept2 Skierg now.


As you can see, we used all our experience to enclose in a single super article, all the characteristics and advantages of purchasing cardio machines for training.

You just have to calmly analyze your needs and proceed to purchase the type of machine for metabolic conditioning.

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