Economic Home Gym | Guide to the purchase of the equipment step by step

Create a Cheap Home Gym is possible. Yes!

Let’s face it, the idea of having a garage, a basement or even a room where you can hone your physical and mental skills with a home gym, is the dream of many people.

Unfortunately, many think that making this dream come true is too expensive. But we are sure of the contrary and we want to offer you the best guide to the choice of home gym equipment ever written.

Here is the best gym equipment for those with a limited budget, to start training at home without spending a fortune. This maxi guide contains advice on all our recommended equipment for home gym owners at your own budget.

You’ll be surprised how little it costs to create a home gym. With this guide to the perfect home gym we want to help you buy the best product at the best price

Waiting for the gym to reopen

We know very well, nothing will replace the emotions that you feel in the gym and we as you know that going to the gym not only means training, but also meeting friends, being together, training having fun.

While waiting for the reopening of our beloved gyms, we can continue to train at home, taking advantage of the moment to focus on important things such as :

  1. More time to stay close to your family.
  2. Increasing the sense of discipline in almost every area of one’s life.
  3. Improving one’s skills

Having a home gym not only improves our lifestyle, but can also improve that of those around us, especially in a such a special moment when we can’t go to the gym and train together.

With a home gym waiting for the gyms to reopen you can invite your friends, train as you prefer, play the music you want at any time of the day and fight this particular situation.

Building a home gym will not only increase the degree of fun and will help you achieve your goals, but it will profoundly improve your lifestyle.

Buying a little at a time pays off

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to buy everything at once.

Of course, buying multiple items at once can help you save on shipping, but if that prevents you from starting creating your home gym then maybe it’s best to rethink this option.

There are two main reasons so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to build a home gym.

Remember that you don’t need much equipment to start. Losing weight, increasing muscle mass or simply improving your fitness is also possible using few tools.

Sure, you may need to be creative, but the amount of workouts that can be performed for example with a barbell, 50 kg of bumpers and two kettlebbels is huge.

Basic equipment for home gym

  1. Barbell bar
  2. Squat rack / Power rack
  3. Bumpers
  4. Bench
  5. Kettlebbels

Hexagonal haltèress. You won’t believe it, but with these 6 items you can achieve almost any fitness goals you desire. There are hundreds of combinations of exercises you can do to virtually achieve any purpose:

  • Increase mass
  • Weight loss
  • Improvement of skills

Well, now that we’ve talked extensively about the benefits of having an inexpensive home gym, let’s move on to choosing the best equipment at the most affordable price.

Cheap barbell bar for home gym

The barbell bar is the most important equipment of any home gym, whatever your fitness goal.

The main reason for this statement is due to its effectiveness; the secondary reason for its versatility.

No tool can be used for as many different purposes as the barbell.

Not many years ago, finding a barbell that cost under 500 euros was impossible, but thanks to the evolution of the industry of fitness equipment manufacturers today you can find quality barbells at really affordable prices.

What characteristics to look for in a barbell bar

  1. Overall construction
  2. Tensile strength
  3. Knurling
  4. Spin
  5. Finish
  6. Price
  7. Warranty

Our Choice :

Kings Bar II. Olympic Barbell Man

The Kings Bar II. is our best-selling men’s Olympic barbell and is the new generation of product that has been the best-seller of the Kingsbox brand, the Kings Bar.

This men’s Olympic barbell bar has a diameter of 28 mm and weighs 20 kg. Like the previous version, this barbell bar for lifting weights remains faithful to the double medium-strong knurling, which in addition to ensuring a solid grip and also suitable for all types of training, from power-lifting to weightlifting, up to all types of Wods.

The barbell bar can withstand up to a maximum load of 450 kg and tensile strength tests have shown that it can withstand up to 190,000 PSI. It is also equipped with 4 roller bearings that give a smooth rotation. The barbell is entirely covered in hard chrome, which will make it resist all external agents, such as water, sun, sweat and magnesium.

You can also use it for your outdoor workouts. The Kings Bar II. is the most popular barbell in our gyms and will be perfect for your economic home gym and the most sought after by our athletes for its excellent features!

Queens Bar Olympic Barbell Bar

The Queens Bar is the female version of our best-selling Olympic barbell bar product Kings Bar.

Designed for women’s hands, it has a diameter of 25 mm and a less rough knurling. Without central knurling, it has a double marking to facilitate the grip.

The barbell is so great for both weight lifting as well as for the hardest WODs. The Queens Bar women’s Olympic barbell bar withstands up to a maximum load of 300 kg and the tensile strength test has shown that it has 180,000 PSI. This Olympic barbell bar, considering its price and quality, is certainly one of the top barbells on the market.

The barbell is entirely covered in hard chrome, which will make it resist to all external agents, such as water, sun, sweat and magnesium. It is therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Queens Bar is a product that is used by all the athletes of our greatest gyms, because in addition to being a high quality barbell bar, it also has an elegant and sophisticated design.

Cheap bumper plates

Bumpers will probably be the most expensive equipment in your home gym. But do not despair and do things calmly, you can start with a small amount of weight, there are different types of bumpers for your home gym with prices that vary a lot.

You’ll be surprised how much you can save by buying the right bumper plates for your home gym.

Types of bumper plates for home gym

  1. Hi-Tempt
  2. Competition
  3. Royal Black

Starting with a series of cheap bumper discs will allow you to become familiar with the exercises is to start immediately to train in your new home gym.

Our choice? Of course it’s one of our best sellers.

Royal Black Bumper Plates 2.0

The Kingsbox Olympic weight plates are standard Olympic weights (diameter 450 mm), made of steel and rubber, designed for daily barbell training.

The ring of the central hole of the bumper is made of steel that is fused with the rubber. To ensure a solid grip we added to the insert two anchor rods that prevent the rotation of the central part.

High resistance, a very low and controlled rebound, at a really affordable price.

What distinguishes our wheeled weights from those of the competition is the fact that we thought of making the discs a little thinner so as to allow you to load more weight on a single barbell. The ring of the central hole of the bumper is made of steel that is fused with the rubber, which increases their resistance.

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Cheap flat bench

Now that you own your barbell and your bumpers, it’s time to buy a bench. Although a weight bench is not necessarily what we would consider essential, for many it will be a very used equipment over time.

Many consider a flat bench an advantage for exercises such as bench relaxation, however can be used for many other movements from the top of the body to the bottom of the body.

Versatility is what you should be looking for in your equipment and a flat bench can provide you with a lot.

The first bench you should think of buying for your home gym, should be stable enough to make you feel safe when you are lying with a barbell that hangs over your head, but light enough to be able to maneuver it easily in and out of your power rack when needed.

For most people, we recommend buying a flat bench first and then spending time at a professional adjustable bench.

Royal Flat Bench

Our new bench has a wider base (250 mm) for more comfortable exercises and a steel profile frame (60 60 mm).

Here are some technical specifications:

  • Height: 450 mm (440 mm without the cushion)
  • Length: 1200 mm
  • Width: 260 mm
  • Material: steel
  • Colour: black, powder coated
  • Capacity: 450 kg
  • Profiles: 60 mm x 60 mm

Cheap gym haltèress

Having a good set of hexagonal haltèress will allow you to perform many exercises for both hypertrophy and accessory work.

haltèress, in general, are used in almost all exercise programs. Any lifting with barbell has a variation with haltèress for movements of individual joints.

The thought process for purchasing haltèress should include 2 variables on space and practicality.. Most people would not have space to accommodate an entire set of haltèress and even if they could, finding excellent quality haltèress at an affordable cost is really difficult, so our advice and buying one, two pairs of haltèress at a time so as to manage according to your fitness progression the weight and the purchase of new haltèress.

Hexagonal rubber haltèress can last a lifetime and are an excellent investment. A real staple in many strength and conditioning programs, they allow you to develop strength and coordination effectively and quickly.

HEX Dumbbells

haltèress per Home Gym Economica

Kingsbox’s hexagonal rubberized dumbbells are made of high-quality rubber and have a steel core inside. The grip is knurled and has been coated in chrome for greater resistance, while the rubber sides increase safety during training with this product.

Also the rubber helps to avoid damage to the floor of your economic home gym in case of fall. Dumbbells are sold individually, not in pairs!

Cheap Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a really versatile tool, great for increasing power and for muscular endurance. Great for a variety of different movements like :

  1. Swing
  2. Press
  3. Farmers carry
  4. Snatch

Although they are great for these movements, they also work well to add weight to free body movements such as dips and pull-ups.

There are different types of kettlebells, but for most people we recommend standard cast iron kettlebells. Competition kettlebells are good for clean, jerk and snatch, but are a bit harder to use for two-handed swings and are also more expensive.

Kingsbox Kettlebell

Miglior Kettlebell uso domestico

The Kingsbox Kettlebells are made of high quality cast iron and painted in black to give it additional protection during the exercises (in fact, it resists scratches, falls, dirt and all the atmospheric factors) and an elegant and sophisticated look.

Our Kettlebells are made from a single piece of metal and have a solid handle and reliable. The bottom of the Kettlebell is flat to give it stability at the moment of support.

Following the advice of our best athletes we managed to create a high quality tool that endures over time and lasts a lifetime.

Inexpensive power rack

The gym rack is at the heart of your home gym, the mistakes that make many customers is dwelling only on super-accessorized solutions, losing sight of products that together are very performing at a really excellent price.

There are several racks on our ecommerce with which to furnish and finally complete your home gym

Royal Power Rack CX-35

One of our Royal Series Power Racks. Top quality at a really affordable price for your cheap home gym.

The appearance and design of this rack, with its height of 2320 mm will certainly be noticed and will take away only a little space (1020 x 1220 mm).

With the Royal Power Rack you will receive a 1100 mm pull-up bar, on which you can work out in peace with the pull-ups and muscle-ups. With our J-cups you can hook the barbell bar to the structure safely.

All bolts necessary for the assembly of the structure will be sent to you included in the price. In order to ensure further stability and safety to the rack, we recommend anchoring to the floor.

  • Height: 2320
  • Width: 1020 x 1220 mm
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Profiles: 60 x 60 mm
  • Material: steel

Royal Squat Rack SX-15 II

The Royal Squat Rack SX-15 II is our best seller 2020, perfect for your inexpensive home gym, without sacrificing quality.

Made of high-quality steel profiles with measures 60 mm x 60 mm x 3 mm, which means it can easily hold up to 450 kg and more.

At the Rack we also added a bar for pull-up or muscle-up.

With this great squat rack will give you the opportunity to train 360 degrees. You can also choose to add a bumper rack for rigs on each column and give it further stability by placing the bumpers on them.

Here are some technical specifications

  • Material: 3 mm thick steel
  • Height: 2390 mm
  • Length: 1330 mm
  • Width: 1220 mm
  • Profiles: 60 mm x 60
  • Color: black, powder coated
  • Weight of the structure: 55kg
  • Load capacity: 500kg (250kg the supports j-cups and 250kg the bar pull ups

It takes up very little space. The package includes: 2 columns, 2 base and one connecting profiles, bolts for mounting, pull up bar and a pair of j-cups hooks.


As you could see building your own cheap home gym of your dreams is not difficult at all. The secret is to consciously choose the right equipment at the best price.

Starting gradually the decor of your home gym will allow you to start training immediately without spending a prohibitive amount.


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