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Calisthenics training equipment for home gym or garage

Why should you need to invest in the best calisthenics equipment for your home gym, when free-body exercises require nothing more than your own body?

A flat surface might be enough for the moment certain, the initial movements of calisthenics are based on knowing how to support your body weight, but if you really want to intensify your training and learn more advanced movements, You will definitely need the right equipment that will help you to get the most out of your workouts.

Today we will talk about calisthenics exercises, because it is useful to invest in essential calisthenics equipment, we will list some types of calisthenics training equipment and discuss how to slowly build the perfect home gym.

Let’s start :

Training calisthenics

Calisthenics is a form of exercise where you train to strengthen your musculoskeletric apparatus through your own body weight, Calisthenic exercises help you to improve control over your body to help you perform all functional movements.

A typical calisthenic workout involves exercises that help to develop the body’s natural strength. Better if with a progressive approach, which means that the difficulty of movements can be adjusted according to fitness level. Instead of using weights or machinery, a particular movement can be made simpler or more advanced by adjusting the lever or body position.

Take for example a normal pull-up :

A beginner will be able to scale the movement starting from an inverse pull-up to develop the force necessary to realize the movement in the right execution.

Most exercises only require space, a good floor can be the perfect basis for getting started. However, if you want to start working seriously you need to invest in calisthenic training equipment to take your training state to the next level.

The advantages of having a calisthenics gym at home

If you decided to focus on calisthenic gymnastics exercises, and undertake this type of discipline, paying for a regular membership in the gym could be a waste of money.


Most commercial gyms have exercise equipment, generally designed for disciplines such as bodybuilding or other sports. The equipment required for calisthenics is designed to improve and develop a specific set of skills and progressions.

Here’s some good news:

Building your own calisthenic paradise is not expensive at all. You can easily adjust the configuration according to budget availability and space.

Benefits of having your own gym for calisthenics at home.

  1. Save on expensive gym subscriptions.
  2. Training at any time.
  3. Improve your performance with the right equipment that supports your progression.
  4. Have a space that perfectly matches your training preferences
  5. Invite other fans and enjoy a good calisthenic training in the comfort of your own home.

First, consider how much space we have available for the equipment.

The approach to planning should be modular and respectful of the space available, for example we have a small space or an entire garage where you can bolt equipment such as a 3 seconds pull up bar ?

Based on these and other factors you can begin to plan a correct budget based on our resources so as to save money and optimize every purchase, especially taking into account that the equipment you buy should help you in your own training progressions.

Best calisthenics equipment for your own home gym.

Elastic resistance band for calisthenics

Let’s start building our home gym with something simple, a really smart move would be to invest in a set of elastic bands of resistance for calisthenics quality.

Elastic bands offer an effective and convenient way to develop muscle strength, flexibility and mobility. As the name suggests, the resistance bands oppose “endurance” to make it more difficult exercises with body weight and can also be used as an aid when working on pull-ups.

The advice we would like to give is to buy a set that includes several measurements with different levels of resistance so you can use them for various types of training.

Here is our set of elastic bands of resistance at a really advantageous price, made of high quality material for a training always safe and fun.

banda elastica per calisthenics

Pull-up bar for calisthenics

Pull-up training is a great way to strengthen the upper body and back muscles being the foundation of other movements such as pull-up kipping and musce-ups. Which is why your home gym won’t be complete without a chin-up bar. Some calisthenics practitioners argue that the pullup bar is the most important equipment to buy to improve your calisthenics workouts. Buying a pullup bar, however, is not as simple as buying other gym equipment.

Here are some things to keep in mind

If you have just started with pull-ups, safety and stability should be your priority, available space and the surface where to anchor that type of equipment. Kingsbox has different types of pull-up bars, including according to your needs you can choose the best bar type.

Here are some of our models :

barra pull up

You can find a lot of pull-up bars on offer, but our bar offers more: it is compatible with all the accessories of the Royal line, which are usually fixed on the profiles of the rig. So you can mount cannonball grips, multigrip bars and much more on the bar. Available here

Pull-up bar

barra per trazioni

A reliable pull-up bar is one of the most popular equipment in any home gym. You can attach it to the wall or ceiling as you prefer. The side brackets are made of steel 50mmX50mm, the bar has a diameter of 33 mm. The length of the bar is 116.5 cm, depth 90 cm and height 58 cm an excellent compromise between high quality and price available here

Vest with weights for calisthenics

What is the best way to improve your training and turn any activity into a stamina exercise? Simple the vest or ballasted vest or as they say in English “vest” ballasted. A deceptively simple accessory that can make your workouts much more intense by adding additional body weight and endurance.

It’s possible to use the ballasted vest in virtually any kind of free-body exercise.

Important advice:

Before you try using the weighted vest, be sure to master the exercises that you will go to heartbreak to avoid injuries. Ideally, you should use a ballasted vest after you have already developed the necessary muscle strength.

So, what kind of ballasted vest to buy ?

We at Kingsbox offer you 2 of the many models that we market

Ballasted vest Elite

giubotto zavorrato vest

Made in one size, it is adjustable to fit well to any body. We have two versions of the vest, the Training (up to 10 kg of ballast) and the Elite (up to 30 kg of ballast) and can be purchased here

Vest Ballasted Royal Motion

This beautiful ballasted vest is designed to offer better mobility during the various exercises you can only order the vest or order only weights compatible. The weights can be placed on the front and / or back of the ballasted vest. Our ballasted vest can be purchased here

Parallels for calisthenics

Along with a good pull-up bar, calisthenics bars are an excellent addition to your arsenal of calisthenics equipment. Cheap, light and versatile. A good set of parallels also known as parallel bars will allow you to complete exercises for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

When buying a pair of parallels for your home or garage home gym, we always recommend that you carefully consider their stability, durability and adherence to the ground. If you plan to take them with you when traveling or you do not have a home gym too big it is good practice to always consider their size and weight first.

Parallel gymnastics

Our gymnastics bars are made of high quality industrial steel. They are an accessory suitable for all athletes. The parallels can be used to do exercises such as Hand Stand Push Ups, L-sit, Push Up and Dips and improve your strength and can be purchased here.

Our list could continue indefinitely with accessories such as exercise rings and more, but for the moment we prefer to stop here, we are making many new guides for calisthenics thanks to our experts and our athletes. Do not miss the appointment with our next article.

As always thanks for coming to the end. See you soon!


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