3 Seconds Pull Up Bar
3 Seconds Pull Up Bar
3 Seconds Pull Up Bar
3 Seconds Pull Up Bar
3 Seconds Pull Up Bar
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Our guideline is simple: we help everyone to become the best version of themselves, but this sometimes requires a great deal of knowledge and innovation. To enable our mission to be followed even by those who do not have much space available, we have created a 3 second pull-up bar – the first folding pull-up bar in the world.

It is safe, functional and, most importantly, it takes up very little space, in a closed position only 25 cm. You can perform the same set of exercises on it as you would on a steel structure bar.

The world's first foldable pull-up bar!

We are extremely proud that our team of young, dedicated constructors came up with useful and aesthetic solutions for smaller (home) gyms. With this product, we have shown that innovation is one of our three most important values.

How is the 3 Second PU Bar made?
3 Second PU Bar is made in Slovenia. It is a durable PU bar of high quality and has been tested with a weight of 500 kg! It is protected from corrosion by a layer of KingsBox powder coating, which is also praised for its structure, as it improves grip and softens slippage.

You can do muscle-ups and kipping exercises on the 3 second Pull-up bar.

The fixing bolts for wall and / or floor are not included in the package, since different types of anchor bolts must be used for different wall / floor types.


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