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How to open a powerlifting gym | The professional guide

How to open a powerlifting gym: The complete guide

Powerlifting is a strength sport in which athletes try to lift the maximum possible weight in three different disciplines: squat, flat bench and deadlift. Powerlifting requires a lot of concentration and discipline, but the results can be rewarding for those who engage in this practice. If you are a powerlifting enthusiast and are thinking about opening a gym dedicated to this sport, this article will provide you with a complete guide on how to do it.

Historical background

Powerlifting was born in the United States in the 1950s, when athletes began organizing strength races to demonstrate their physical superiority. In 1964, the first official powerlifting competition was held in New York.

Since then, powerlifting has become a popular sport around the world, with numerous federations organizing competitions where athletes can test their strength and endurance.


The first thing to do to open a powerlifting gym is to plan your budget and initial expenses. You may need to get a loan to cover startup fees. Once you have set your budget, choose the right location for the gym. It must be easily accessible and have enough space to accommodate all your tools and staff.

Next, you need to get the necessary permissions from the local authorities. You may need to acquire permits for the construction or renovation of the building, as well as permits for the commercial use of the property.

Once you have obtained all the permissions, you must purchase the necessary equipment for the gym.

The main tools for powerlifting include :

    • Powerlifting barbell
    • Weights
    • Flat bench
    • Rack for squats
  • Detaching platform
  • Belt
  • Weight lifting shoes.

Be sure to buy high-quality equipment, which can withstand the intense use of athletes.

Finally, you need to hire staff, including qualified instructors and support staff, such as receptionists and housekeeping.


After opening your powerlifting gym, you need to find ways to promote it to attract new customers. Identify your target audience and create a website and use social media to promote the gym. Offer special offers and discounts to new customers to encourage registration.


To succeed as a powerlifting gym, you need to offer high quality services to your customers. Offer personalized workouts and training courses, so that athletes can improve their performance. Also give advice on nutrition and lifting techniques, so that athletes can maximize their results.
In addition, keep track of the performance of athletes and organize internal and external competitions, so that your customers can test their abilities and feel motivated to improve.


Safety is an important factor to consider when opening a powerlifting gym. Weights can be very heavy and potentially dangerous if not used properly.

Make sure all athletes are properly trained in lifting techniques and that they comply with safety rules.

Also, make sure that the gym is equipped with safety equipment, such as bench and detachable pad pads, and that it is regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Powerlifting equipment for gyms

Here is a list of essential equipment to buy to open a powerlifting gym:

1. Flat bench press

Combo PL Bench panca professionale powerlifiting

The bench is one of the most important tools for powerlifting, as it allows you to perform bench press and barbell lifting exercises. Flat benches must be sturdy and stable, able to support high weights.

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2. Squat rack

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The squat rack is a tool that allows you to perform squat exercises safely, supporting the barbell. It is important that the squat rack is adjustable in height, so that athletes can perform squats correctly.

3. Lifting platform

The lifting or detaching platform is an area dedicated to lifting the barbell from the ground. It is important that the detaching platform is strong and stable, able to support high weights.

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4. Powerlifting barbells

Powerlifting is a very specific sport that requires very specific barbells.

The Underground Power Bar, for example, was made by hand and according to the standards of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF).

What sets it apart from other Olympic barbells are the 29 mm diameter and the absence of bearings, which makes the barbell stiffer. The central part and coated with black zinc, the handles are chrome plated. The barbell has single and central knurling, rough, which ensures a good grip.

Underground Power Bar is excellent for squats, bench presses and dead lifts

Barbells and disks are essential for powerlifting. It is important to buy high-quality, durable and durable barbells, together with a variety of weights to meet the different needs of athletes.

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Powerlifting discs

Powerlifting discs are another essential accessory. As you know they are different from the bumpers for the CrossTraining and are made of different materials.

Calibrated steel discs, for example, have many advantages: every athlete will appreciate the durability and precision of the weights.

Because they are color coded, it is easy to distinguish their weight with a glance.

Especially powerlifters and Strongmans will appreciate the thickness of the steel plates, as they will be able to load more kg on their barbell.

On the back of the steel plates, there are two pins with which you can calibrate the weights.

The central hole of the steel plates fits perfectly to the sleeve of the standard barbell. At first use, you will need to push the weights because of the cool coating layer. But after some workouts, the weight will adapt to your barbell and it will be easier to load.

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5. Dumbbells


Dumbbells and dumbbell weights are essential for training the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Be sure to buy adjustable dumbbells, so you can vary the weight during training.

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Complete solutions with bench and rack

When possible, we try to combine several products into one: this helps to save space and money in the purchase of new equipment. We managed to do this with the Mighty Power Squat Bench.

The bench is usually designed for bench stretching, but we changed it a bit by adding the squat station. In this way, we have lost nothing in terms of comfort and safety: the bench is large, robust, made of memory foam and artificial leather easy to clean.

Around the bench there is a structure made of profiles and pillars. The side edges are equipped with platforms for observers.

Thanks to the holes, we can easily add any other accessory in our store. In the package we included the safety devices.

To perform squats, this bench has higher front pillars with J cups included to support the barbell.

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6. Machine for leg extension and curl


The leg extension and curl machine is a tool that allows you to train your leg muscles in isolation. It is important that the machine is adjustable to suit the different heights of the athletes.

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7. Belts, sleeves, straps

Belts, sleeves and straps other equipment are useful for athletes looking to maximize their strength and endurance results. These tools help protect the spine and joints during the heaviest exercises.

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In summary, opening a powerlifting gym requires careful planning, an adequate budget and the purchase of high-quality equipment. It is important to offer high quality services to customers and maintain a high level of safety in the gym. With the right planning and dedication, you can create a successful powerlifting gym and help athletes achieve their strength and endurance goals.

We hope this list has been useful for you to understand which equipment to buy for open a powerlifting gym.

Remember that buying high quality equipment is essential to offering high quality service to your customers and we at KingsBox know what we do. If you need help with your Powerlifting gym please contact us with your request at

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How to open a powerlifting gym | The professional guide
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