A to Z jump rope all you need to know

In this wonderful guide we will talk about the skipping rope. We will discover together its origins, its evolution, its benefits.

Since the beginning of time man has instinctively jumped from one object to another, in the need to adapt to a constantly changing environment. As a reflection, the gesture of jumping is one of the most natural movements of the human body, intrinsically triggered by the need to attack, take advantage of combat, escape dangerous animals, dance in rituals, collect food from trees.

More importantly, the jump is a natural reflex that can be developed into an ability and will always be essential for the survival of man even today in this world where diseases due to sedentariness afflict mankind.

History of Skipping Rope

Ever since the man has memory, he has always used the jump rope as a game, the first jump ropes were built with screws, bamboo reeds and hemp ropes. These movements, which began with instinct but perfected over time, took shape and became an art form called ‘jumping with the rope’.

Today this ancient training instrument has become the symbol, the missing link in the development of a physical form brought to a higher level.

The first concrete evidence of the activity of the jump with the rope, appears in the medieval paintings in which the children roll the circles and jump the rope on the cobblestone streets of half Europe. However, the exact origin of the jump rope activity is unclear.

Dutch settlers were among the first to spread rope jumping to the new Americas of the time. It is no surprise that one of the games that use the jump race is called “double Dutch”.

Evolution of the skipping rope

In the early 1950s, skipping rope became extremely popular. It only required a piece of rope and anyone could get this material to play, even the less well off. Unfortunately, the advent of television replaced the beauty of outdoor games in young users, contributing over time to the increase in weight in young adults of the time, a trend that has continued to this day.

Fortunately, in the early 1980s, a growing interest in fitness and general health emerged. TV programs broadcast nationwide, have begun to promote the use of jump rope, to prevent children from performing harmful activities such as watching TV for too many hours.

To make it more fun, with time have been organized more and more big and important rope jumping events.

corda per saltare

Thanks to the efforts of communicators and coaches who created this movement in the 1980s, rope jumping has been recognized as a great way to train and stay in shape. Fitness centers around the world incorporate jump rope as part of group gymnastics lessons as a stimulus to the improvement of the circulatory cardio system.

The skipping rope is integrated in various training modes and has become a real icon thanks to famous films where athletes such as Silvester Stallone use the rope to prepare during training for the world heavyweight boxing title. In today’s sports training programs, trainers incorporate jump rope as a warm-up and conditioning tool to improve overall athletic performance.

Losing Weight with Jump Rope

Ask yourself this, which tool fits in a briefcase, can be used by the whole family and improves cardiovascular shape while toning the muscles at the same time ? The answer is : the jump rope. The truth is that skipping rope is a great tool for burning excess calories and for losing weight.

Jumping the rope to lose weight, is a training regime adaptable to anyone. Using skipping rope for your workouts not only improves your cardiovascular health, but also helps you to increase your metabolism at rest during the day, thus ensuring that we burn calories throughout the day.

Skipping rope is portable and effective both for burning calories and for general muscle strengthening. Adopting this simple training tool can completely change your lifestyle.

Benefits of Skipping Rope

If we analyze this exercise further and observe it from a biomechanical perspective, we realize that it represents a composite movement that combines a circular movement with an angular moment. The body resembles a projectile subject to all laws that regulate movement, while the rope becomes a dynamic flywheel. It is in the synchronous and harmonious coordination of these movements that the most important benefits are received.

Strengthening of the cardiovascular system

The jump rope helps to strengthen arms and shoulders. This combination of aerobic training and leg play for coordination has made use of this fitness tool a popular form of exercise adopted worldwide. Many sports professionals jump rope to increase their endurance for competitions and to improve cardiovascular endurance.

For fitness enthusiasts the learning of the correct technique is simple compared to many other athletic activities. The exercise is also suitable for a wide range of ages and fitness levels here is a wonderful video made by our athletes.

How to choose the best skipping rope

There are different models of skipping rope, we recommend 3

The first is our PRECISION Jump Rope Tip Model perfect for anyone who is interested in a superior quality product and is already in possession of all those skills needed to use an advanced product like this.

The second one and our jump rope with aluminum handles. Its special knurled grip makes it one of the best skipping ropes you can find on the market. The metal supports facilitate rotation, making it one of the fastest ropes in circulation.

The professional skipping rope of Kingsbox is equipped with bearings that allow it to have a very high rotation speed (5-6 revolutions per second), rubber coated quality will make it last over time and withstand even the most extreme conditions.

corda per saltare in plastica economica


Using this fitness tool so effective and economical, will certainly bring great benefits to your state of training and health. Do not miss the opportunity to buy one at a really affordable price. Made to last will definitely give you many satisfactions. Thank you for coming to the end of this wonderful article.


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