Herkul Koroska Case Study

Making good use of a narrow and long space in the gym – Herkul Gym

HERKUL: A Roman hero moved to Carinthia

Client: Herkul Koroška
Available space: 150 m2 of indoor space for Cross-training, outdoor parking
Location: Prevalje, Slovenia
Customer needs: Custom-made wall structure, external structure, artificial ground base, various equipment for functional training
Contact: Rok, Katarina, Teja

It all starts with a challenge …

As in most of our cases, this time the collaboration started with electronic demand as well. The staff of the Herkul Gym from Prevalje in Carinthia contacted us with the desire to prepare an informative estimate for the wall Monkey (climbing) structure and functional equipment. They already had a lot of classic fitness equipment in the gym, but they also wanted to organize a part of the space for functional training. This unused part of the gym was relatively narrow but very long. So they asked us a question: how to make the best use of this kind of space?

Along with upgrading the interior space, they also wished to make the most of the outdoor area. In front of the Herkul Gym, there is a parking lot and a larger space suitable for outdoor exercise in the spring, summer and early autumn months. It would be a real sin to leave such a space unused! The KingsBox sales and engineering team and the Herkul staff collaborated together to solve this puzzle.

And of course offered a solution!

Katarina, the owner of the gym, informed us that the walls were load-bearing, which meant that we could mount a wall rack on them. Our engineers have opted for a longer and narrower Monkey structure that won’t take up too much space in a narrow space. The rig allows training with an Olympic barbell in several positions, climbing on the inside of the structure, rope climbing or training on gymnastic rings on the outside, training on various accessories such as the dip bar, the Face mount PU bar…

We found a solution for the outdoor space in the parking lot very quickly, thanks to the Fort structures designed for outdoor exercise, which we just introduced to the market at the time. Fort structures proved to be a great solution for a whole range of our customers, as they were immediately almost completely sold out. One of these structures was also sent to Prevalje in front of the Herkul Gym 😊

The Carinthians have other functional equipment as well

The Herkul Gym was also equipped with the basic KingsBox equipment, which should not be lacking during workout sessions. They now have Olympic barbells and weights, sandbags, ropes, training sleds, kettlebell weights, slam balls, plyo boxes, clubbells, targeting balls, cardio equipment, and in addition to the Monkey wall rack, the Peg Board is also mounted on the wall for the most avid climbers.

In addition to all the aforementioned equipment for Cross-training, the gym also possesses a lot of classic fitness equipment and bodybuilding accessories, and all the equipment for training martial arts is located in a separate room. Such a gym rarely leaves anyone indifferent, as it offers practically everything a trainee wants. During a recent visit to the Herkul Gym, when we handed them a gift intended for all members of our Royal Family, we were convinced that it is a real gem in the world of sports in Carinthia. We are extremely proud to have been part of the project and look forward to continuing to work with our friends from the Herkul Gym.


Making good use of a narrow and long space in the gym - Herkul Gym
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Making good use of a narrow and long space in the gym - Herkul Gym
How to maximize your training options and utilize your available space.
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