Home Gym | Overview with before and after photos of our customers

In this very special period, many people have decided to take the plunge and build their own home gym at home.

As you know in several of our blog articles, we have tried to help all people create their own home gym. If you haven’t read our home gym construction guides yet, visit this section of our blog now. You will find a lot of interesting information on the realization, on what type of equipment to buy, on how to save time and money.

Today we want to present you some real results. Many of our customers, after choosing to be helped in choosing their home gym equipment, decided to tell their story and send us the extraordinary photos of their home gym with some really beautiful before and after.

We are proud to share our customers’ successes with you. Follow us on this magical journey where you can find many interesting ideas.

Home gym of Luka

Luka was immediately very clear, his desire to transform this place into his home gym had to be fulfilled. As you can see from the image, the compartment is in less than ideal conditions, but the passion and desire to create your own dream home gym has allowed Luka to create a real gem.

Photo before the construction of the garage gym

Photos home gym before and after Luka Pancur

Photo after the construction of the garage gym

Luka Pancur home gym image after construction

An extraordinary result isn’t it?

In this undertaking, Luka first had to renovate the main part of the room where he built his home gym. Thus creating a perfect environment that could accommodate all the necessary equipment.

Luka has achieved a small miracle, creating his own garage gym without spending a fortune, with the right proportion between quality of materials and price.

The rig made according to your needs was possible thanks to columns and bars that can be purchased on the site at this address separately to make a 100% DIY custom project.

Julius home gym

Julius is one of our athletes and loyal customer who has achieved something really beautiful. Having an available space like Julius’s is not always possible and he has decided not to miss the opportunity to make his dream come true.

Having your own home gym, with everything you need to train, always available allowing you to reset the cost of the gym membership, at a very low cost.

Photo before the construction of the garage gym

Julius Ise home gym project

Photo after the construction of the garage gym

Photos after julius home gym creation

And here is the extraordinary result of Julius’ home gym. Incredible right? A perfect training space to be able to train with everything you need. The cost of this wonder? Much less than you think.

Visit our store and the section dedicated to garage gym where you can find dozens of solutions of different prices starting from Rack to switch to benches but also dumbbells and bumpers.

Jiulius showed us how to create a dream garage gym with very little effort and an intelligent budget.

Dario’s home gym

Dario is another dear customer of ours who has decided to realize his dream of having a garage gym . Dario used an unused space to design his personal gym with everything he needed to train safely while having fun. The carried walls and the strategic position have made it possible to create a home gym away from distractions to be able to train and concentrate without interruptions and distractions.

In the end, a home gym has just this purpose, doesn’t it? Train when you want in total privacy.

Photo before the construction of the garage gym

Dario's home gym Before and after

Photo after the construction of the garage gym

Photo after dario's home gym

A real show? Yes, we agree too. Dario has really created a little corner of paradise to train. Many times people thought they needed dozens of different tools and accessories to train and consequently feel discouraged from spending too much money.

Also in this case our dear Dario, has been able to create a garage gym smart . By purchasing everything you need to train comfortably in the privacy of your home gym.

If you are also interested in purchasing our products, we recommend that you visit the section dedicated to offers for home gym , where you can find many opportunities to save even more.

Jacopo’s home gym

Jacopo, like all our most loyal customers, had a dream: Realize his dream garage gym. Thanks to a space that is not so large but still excellent for his projects Jacopo knew enhance the available space with a splendid double color that has given depth but at the same time brightness to the environment created. A real gem.

Photos before the home gym was built

Foto prima home gym di jacopo

Photo after the realization of the home gym

Photo after dario's home gym

And here is the result. Exceptional don’t you think? The dimensions? Stunning only 9 square meters. A perfect mix of equipment to perform practically any type of exercise. Our splendid adjustable bench seems nestled between the columns of our wall rack that easily supports rings and pull-up bar.

Jacopo was able to create a truly splendid training space, with a truly intelligent budget that allowed him to realize his dream of having a garage gym .


This article intends to show you without filters and without any sweetening, that creating a garage gym on a low budget is possible, the only limit that separates you from your home gym is your imagination.

For any information and to request a free consultation, please contact us by email at info@kingsbox.com one of our consultant will be at your disposal to support you in choosing the best possible equipment at the best price.


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