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The origins of Strongman sport: a story of strength and challenge

Strongman sport has become synonymous with extraordinary physical strength and exceptional athletic feats. But where did this discipline begin? Let’s discover the fascinating origins of Strongman sport and how it evolved over the centuries.

Historical origins

The roots of Strongman sport can be traced back to antiquity, when physical strength competitions were present in different cultures. For example, in ancient Greece, athletes participated in the Olympic Games and competed in strength tests such as discus throwing and rock lifting. Similarly, in other parts of the world, such as Scandinavia, competitions were held to lift logs and stones.

The modern era

The Strongman sport as we know it today began in the nineteenth century in Europe. Initially, these competitions were strength shows organized in circuses and theaters, where athletes competed in physical endurance tests, such as pulling carriages or lifting heavy objects. One of Strongman’s earliest documented events dates back to 1891, when Louis Cyr, a Canadian known for his extraordinary strength, faced weight lifting challenges before an enthusiastic audience.

The evolution of sport Strongman

During the 20th century, Strongman sports underwent several transformations. From a show of initial strength, it developed into a competitive discipline with well-defined rules. In the 1970s, the International Force Sports Federation (IFSA) was founded to regulate Strongman competitions internationally. Modern Strongman competitions involve a series of tests that test the strength, the endurance and power of athletes, such as lifting boulders, towing trucks and throwing heavy objects.

Popularity and global diffusion

In recent decades, Strongman sport has gained increasing popularity internationally. Strongman competitions attract athletes from different sports, such as weight lifting and powerlifting, who seek to test their strength in a unique context. In addition, Strongman events have become television shows followed by millions of people around the world, contributing to the dissemination and promotion of this discipline.

Famous Strongam athletes

Mariusz Pudzianowski:

Mariusz Pudzianowski, originally from Poland, is one of the greatest Strongmans of all time. He won the title of “Strongest Man in the World” five times, from 2002 to 2008. Known for his extraordinary strength and athleticism, Pudzianowski has also been successful in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), fighting in several high-level organizations.

Zydrunas Savickas:

Zydrunas Savickas, also known as “Big Z”, is a Lithuanian Strongman who dominated the Strongman scene for many years. He won the title of “Strongest Man in the World” four times, in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014. With his imposing stature and incredible strength, Savickas is considered one of the greatest Strongmans of all time.

Hafthor Bjornsson:

Hafthor Bjornsson, also known as “The Mountain” for his role in the TV series “Game of Thrones”, is a strong competitor of Strongman from Iceland. He won the title of “Strongest Man in Europe” in 2014 and the title of “Strongest Man in the World” in 2018. In 2020, he set a world record in dead weight lifting, lifting 501 kg.

Brian Shaw:

Brian Shaw, originally from the United States, is a renowned name in Strongman. He won the title of “Strongest Man in the World” four times, in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016. Shaw is known for his impressive stature and incredible strength. It is considered one of the most versatile competitors of Strongman, able to excel in a wide range of tests.

Eddie Hall:

Eddie Hall, also known as “The Beast”, is a British Strongman that has left its mark on Strongman history. In 2017, he set an incredible feat by lifting a world record in dead weight of 500 kg. He was also the winner of the title of “Strongest Man in the World” in 2017. His strength and determination have made him an icon in the world of Strongman.

The most famous Strongman races in the world

Arnold Strongman Classic:

The Arnold Strongman Classic is one of the most prestigious events in the Strongman. Founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the event is held annually in the United States and is known for its spectacular and challenging trials. It includes challenges such as tree trunk lifting, tank lifting and axe lifting, which test the strength, endurance and power of athletes.

Giants Live:

Giants Live is a series of Strongman competitions that take place in different parts of the world, serving as qualifiers for the event “World’s Strongest Man” (Strongest Man in the World). Giants Live competitions are known for their high level of competition and attract some of the best Strongman athletes from around the world.

World’s Strongest Man:

The World’s Strongest Man is the official Strongman World Championship. It is held annually and sees the participation of the best athletes of this discipline from around the world. Competitions include extreme strength tests such as stone lifting, towing heavy vehicles, lifting logs and much more. This event is widely followed globally and is broadcast on television.

Europe’s Strongest Man:

Europe’s Strongest Man is a Strongman competition that brings together the best athletes from Europe. It is one of the most prestigious competitions on the continent and tests the strength and endurance of athletes in a series of demanding tests. The winner of Europe’s Strongest Man gets the title and qualifies for high-level international competitions.

World Deadlift Championships:

The World Deadlift Championships is an event focused on dead weight lifting (deadlift). Athletes compete to lift the maximum possible weight in this specific test. The competition attracts some of the best dead weight lifters in the world and is celebrated for impressive records set by athletes.

SCL (Strongman Champions League):

The Strongman Champions League is a series of international Strongman competitions that take place in different locations around the world. It is one of the most known and popular leagues in the Strongman landscape. SCL competitions feature a variety of challenging trials and offer athletes the opportunity to earn points to rank in the league and qualify for high-level events.

These are just some of the most famous Strongman races, each with its own importance and history in the world of Strongman. There are many other notable competitions, but these represent some of the most prestigious and followed globally.

Equipment used in Strongam

Atlas Stone

Atlas stone strongman

The Kingsbox Atlas stone made of marble has exceptional features: it is stronger than concrete, has a better grip and is also slightly smaller. We are sure that this product is the most durable on the market.

Specific :

Available weights :
20 kg
30 kg
40 kg
60 kg
80 kg
110 kg

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Atlas Stone Rack

Atlas Stone Rack

With this platform you will take your Strong Man to the next level, the word of our Strong Man athletes who tested and loved it! The platform is sturdy, stable and being height adjustable, you can not only adapt your training to your needs, but you can also adjust the standard height and check if you are ready to compete.

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log strongman

The Strong Man Log of KingsBox is made of steel and will allow you to perform all the various exercises from Strongman. The neutral handle allows you to lift heavy loads while minimizing pressure on the joints. This product has been specially designed for lifting heavy loads, has a weight of 30 kg and can be loaded further with the Olympic discs with the hole diameter 50 mm.

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Ultimate Sand Bag

sandbag strongman

Thanks to the possibility of filling the Sand Bag, you have the possibility to adjust the weight according to training and abilities.
The Sand Bag is made of neoprene, very durable and inside there is another practical zipper bag, which must be filled with great ease

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Monster dumbbell

circus dumbbell

Looking at the athletes of Strong man may seem that raising such a large handlebar is easy, but to succeed can be defined a real success and requires a lot of training. In competitions the athletes must lift the handlebar from the ground up to the shoulder and from there up to above the head holding the arm completely extended.

The KingsBox Monster Dumbbell weighs between 100 and 115 kg, the advantage of our handlebars and the fact that you can adjust it in weight: you can add or remove micro weights compatible with Monster dumbbells according to your abilities. It is advisable to buy safety collars to keep the weights in place. The weight of the handlebar alone is 35 kg and can be loaded up to a maximum of 115 kg.

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Shield strongman

Special flooring designed to effectively reduce the impact of weights and allow the absorption of sounds and shocks avoiding damage and wear. The leather lining is filled with a quality memory foam, which retains the shape even after years of use. Sold in pairs.

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Free Yoke


The most used in Strongman workouts. The reasons for its popularity are definitely the affordable price and ease of use. The list of exercises that we can perform with the help of free yoke is very long we can use it for squats, trusters, lunges, yoke carrier and many more.

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Tower Farmer Handles

tower farmer handle strongman

We can strengthen our core in various ways, one of them is training with the KingsBox Tower Farmer Handles: just load some bumper on the handles and here you can perform various exercises, the most famous of which the walk with weights (farmer walk).

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Royal Sled 2.0

slitta strongman

The Royal Sled 2.0 is a versatile sled that is suitable for all types of training. A high quality construction made from a single piece of steel and equipped for intensive workouts on different surfaces. Compared to other sleds, the Royal Sled 2.0 has a smaller surface area for better use of space. We can load the sled with weights up to 300 kg for even more difficult training.

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Goblet Safety Bar

bilanciere safety bar

This squat barbell is a great tool and has been specially created with the two side bends and the front grips covered in memory foam, to provide more comfort in training with squats.

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Royal Yoke

yoke strongman

With this product we fully met the expectations of all those who wanted a product that saves time, money and even space. We made it with the Royal Yoke MX-40. The product can be used as Yoke (with a load of over 400kg), or transformed (in just 30 seconds, simply removing a bar) into a Squat Rack to use to support the barbell during your workouts with the squat, bench press.

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Axle Bar

Axel bar Strongman

The barbell Axle Fat Bar is a new product, made of high quality steel. This barbell has no bearings and has a 48 mm diameter socket. With this product you can train on all sandy surfaces without the risk of damaging it, plus it will allow you to train the grip in an alternative and effective way.

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The origins of Strongman sport: a story of strength and challenge
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The origins of Strongman sport: a story of strength and challenge
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