Fitness trends for 2022 | Let’s discover them together

What are the trends in fitness for 2022? Let’s discover them together thanks to our market analysis

The fitness industry has faced huge challenges in recent years. Thanks to the closure of gyms and a massive influx of offers from the new area called digital fitness.

This particular period has profoundly changed the world community’s approach to improving health through fitness, which has become a real priority for many consumers.

For decades, the concept of fitness has not gone beyond physical appearance and weight loss, but experiencing this pandemic has shifted the priorities of the world’s fitness community. The concept of health is becoming crucial and the fitness industry has finally recognized it.

Fitness Trends 2022

The trends of the fitness industry are always new and plenty. Especially in the face of such momentous changes.

Conventional gymnastics and nutrition programs have always produced the desired results. However, today the spotlight is on fitness experiences that offer more flexibility and freedom of exploration.

While some tend to stand the test of time, others give way and slowly disappear. in this article we’d like to analyze the new training trends of 2022.

Outdoor training

The growing trend of outdoor training continues. By training outdoors you can more easily maintain social distance and benefit from plenty of fresh air. This tendency, however, clashes with the physical limits that nature imposes on us, such as the winter cold.

Training outdoors is always a great option but we are sure that with the setteling of the pandemic this trend will re-emerge with time.

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Guida alla palestra outdoor

Home gym

Training at home in your home gym was already a thing before the pandemic, but events have sped up this trend exponentially. The main strategy of home gym equipment manufacturers has become to design increasingly functional sports equipment that can be used for multiple exercises simultaneously.

A home gym allows you to train at home in complete autonomy, on the other hand that doesn’t allow you to experience the help and support of a community created over the years built attending a classic gym.

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Movement as a Cure

In the fitness industry, one of the most important changes we are experiencing is the increased awareness that fitness goes beyond achieving the perfect physique to show off at the beach.

Start moving and live a healthier lifestyle. that is possible by going to the gym. Take for example the whole spectrum of functional workouts that includes disciplines such as Cross Trainig, Functional Fitness and much more.


Physical activity and nutrition are the essential components of a healthy lifestyle, improving body composition, musculoskeletal health, physical and cognitive performance. Optimal physical activity and proper nutrition are also vital to prevent metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease.

Personalised subscriptions

To try to attract new customers and to consolidate the current group, many fitness centers are creating quarterly or half-yearly subscription packages at discounted prices, so that old and new customers can train saving money.

The creation of custom membership packages has been one of the most popular trends because it has given thousands of people the chance to start to train seriously in the gym without spending exorbitant amounts of money.

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Wearable technology

Wearable technology remains a big trend in 2022. Many smartwatches, for example, are adding features such as body temperature control, stress levels, sleep, and heart rate.

Trying to monitor a variety of parameters that go beyond simply counting steps. With the advent of new technological giants the trend of health monitoring, soon will begin to heavily affect even the real practice of medical diagnosis, thanks to new screening technologies.

Training based on data

Training data will become more widespread in 2022 than ever. 2022 fitness trend studies don’t lie.

Smart wearable devices such as fitness trackers, running watches and heart rate sensors will be used even more to analyze training performance.

While previously only an experienced coach could make sense of this information, now algorithms can process the data for you and provide adaptive training plans so that you can get back in shape more easily.

Outdoor exercise

Outdoor activities such as hiking, running, cycling and outdoor running in nature will continue to be a growing trend. More and more people are trying to exercise in contact with nature.

The lowering of the prices of training products as well as simple physical activity have allowed many amateur athletes to begin their training journey having fun with friends or family.

Walking, for example, is a simple and low-impact activity that does not require special equipment or schedules. Although it is a low-intensity activity that cannot replace a full-fledged training program, it is a fantastic starting point for overall fitness and only fifteen minutes of walking a day can have a significant impact on one’s health.

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Home gym outdoor crossfit

Functional Fitness

More and more people have become interested in developing and learning functional daily movements in order to live a healthier life. Functional fitness will continue to be a trend for a long time to come. This is one of the most famous fitness trends.

Functional fitness has seen its continuous growth thanks to the evident results that everyone can achieve beyond their initial fitness and age.


Moving to stay healthy

Functional training programs include exercises or movements that mimic daily movements. Squats, Kettlebell swings and top presses are examples of functional movements that can help improve agility, barbell and flexibility.

Such movements are high intensity and help to gain muscle strength and endurance. as well as helping you to lose weight, build strength, agility and flexibility and improve your aerobic fitness.

Holistic fitness

As more and more people are looking for ways to relieve stress, anxiety and support their mental health, practices such as yoga and tai chi are becoming more popular due to their benefits.

People now see training as a source of well-being, physical and above all, mental. The holistic disciplines are becoming increasingly popular and will over time become a real reference point for well-being.


Fortunately the pandemic is behind us, the new training trends are finally catching on and we are sure that the fitness industry will be subject to an extraordinary recovery. The time has come for industry professionals to follow their own advice by analysing the new trends for 2022 so that they do not find themselves unprepared.


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