Ideas for Christmas Gifts 2024 for your favorite athletes | With photos and prices

Still undecided ? Here is the list of the best gifts for sports will realize by the elves of KingsBox. Many products with photo, description and price.

Here we are! Christmas is coming and we are all wondering what to give to our girlfriend, to our husband, why not, to mom and dad. Well, if you are an athlete or you have a person you love who does this sport, decide what kind of gift to buy will be much easier and faster. We want to tell you a secret, athletes go crazy for the equipment, and training clothing and we at KingsBox have created a mega guide to help you choose the best gift for Christmas.

Make yourself comfortable and take pen and paper and let’s start compiling the list for Christmas gifts.

Where do we start ? Obviously from clothing

Our line of sportswear is able with its versatility to cover all the needs of the sportsman, technical materials of excellent quality and modern design will allow you to be always ready for any challenge.

Women’s sportswear

Buy your women’s sportswear HERE

Men’s sportswear

Buy your menswear HERE

After the sportswear we move on to a whole series of accessories that can not miss in the sporting outfit of a self-respecting athlete. The list of ideas for Christmas gifts continues.


Buy your paracalli HERE

KingsBox paracallics have been designed to effectively protect hands during training, ensure a stable and safe grip, while protecting against the formation of calluses and cracks, providing complete protection. Durable and durable leather material with a suitable thickness to provide excellent grip and a secure grip during your workouts.


Buy your wristbands HERE

The wristband of the KingsBox, in the colours KingsBox (blue, black and white) will give your wrist additional support and stability at all stages of training. Made of mixed materials (cotton, elastane and polyester) absorbs sweat and prevents the unpleasant feeling of wet on the skin and effectively protects against microtrauma joints stressed during exercises.

Knee pads

Buy your knee pads HERE

The KingsBox knee pads are made of high-quality neoprene and are very durable and flexible. Perfect when performing any exercises and give additional protection in the rehabilitation phase or to prevent injuries. The knee pads have been designed for those who train with weight lifting, powerlifting, weightlifting, gymnastics and will accompany you in your training session always in safety.

Armor Lifting Strap

Buy your armor lifting strap HERE

The Armor lifting straps are great for all athletes who engage in weight lifting and want to load the barbell well. With this product you can do it without worrying about the grip, in fact, using our straps the barbell will not slip anymore and you will have much less effort with the grip. INDISPENSABLE.

Weight belt

Buy your belt HERE

The KingsBox leather weightlifting belt is made of leather and sewn by hand. Very easy to hook and unhook thanks to the two metal straps on it. You can use the belt in both Powerlifting and Weightlifting training. Thanks to the comfort, resistance and refined design, this product climbs the top of the belts that you will find on the market at a truly exceptional price.


Buy your sticky tape HERE

The KingsBox Sticky Tape is the sports tape made specifically for those who engage in functional workouts and Olympic weightlifting. Made using a single adhesive, it can offer protection and support even in the ugliest, hardest and sweatiest workout of the day. Available at a very advantageous price.

Weighted jacket

Buy your weighted jacket starte HERE

The jackets of the KingsBox are made with high quality materials can withstand very extreme training conditions, made in one size, is adjustable to be able to adhere well to any physique. We have two versions of the jacket, the Training (up to 10 kg of ballast) and the Competitor (up to 30 kg of ballast).


Buy your magnesite HERE

Our always available magnesite at a great price. 8 blocks of magnesium carbonate, which absorb moisture and prevent the palms from slipping due to sweating. Excellent quality and guaranteed convenience. Your pull-ups will no longer be the same! The list of ideas for Christmas gifts continues…

Gym backpack

Buy your gym backpack HERE

Thanks to our KingsBox gym backpack, you can have a trusted friend who will easily live up to your every mission designed to last long, Thanks to its durable material and solid seams our back pack is perfect to carry with you everything you need, not only in training but also for the challenges of everyday life

Elastic bands

Buy your elastic bands HERE

KingsBox elastic bands are the right choice for every athlete. Gym elastic bands are an essential accessory for every athlete! All the elastic bands of the KingsBox are 104 cm long and are used for various types of exercises, speed, strength, jumping, aerobics, as well as for rehabilitation, stretching and all the exercises of mobility and flexibility.

Jump rope

Buy your jump rope HERE

Jumping rope has always been a great tool for improving fitness. It brings huge benefits to the respiratory system and blood vessels. Here is the Royal Speed with colorful handles. Designed to take you to the next level, the double unders will have no more secrets. The list of ideas for Christmas gifts continues …

Foam Roller

Buy your EVA foam roller HERE

The Eva Trigger Foam Roller is a great tool for all those who have to do with yoga, pilates, fitness, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and of course with functional exercises. The product is intentionally made of dense EVA foam, a solid but flexible material, which will retain its shape even after years of use. One of the best-selling gifts.

Lacross Ball

Buy your double lacross ball HERE

Double lacross ball is designed to deeply massage muscle tissues along the spine, but can also be used for thigh muscles, hips, and all sore, contracted, or inflamed muscle groups. The advantage of this structure is its versatility and its being small that will allow you to take it with you anywhere.

Symmetry Mobility Tool

Buy your Symmetry mobility tool HERE

Symmetry mobility bands are recommended by every physiotherapist, also suitable for muscle activation, rehabilitation, strengthening and mobility.

The shoulders suffer a lot because of incorrect movements that we practice during the day and also during workouts, precisely for this reason the pains and injuries are so frequent. To prevent this from happening, we need to strengthen our muscles and stretch after each workout. The list of ideas for Christmas gifts continues…


Buy your kettlebells HERE

The KingsBox Kettlebells are made of high quality cast iron and painted in black to give additional protection during exercises (it resists scratches, falls, dirt and all weather factors) and an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Available in different weights and sizes at a very attractive price.

Pull-up bar 3 seconds

Buy your 3 seconds pull-up bar HERE

Revolutionary, here is the only adjective right for this pull-up bar to close. The 3 Seconds PU Bar is easy to store and occupies only 15 cm in the vertical position! When the bar is placed horizontally its length is 130 cm, which makes it possible to perform all the exercises undisturbed, even those with kipping! Possibility of mounting on different heights. The list of ideas for Christmas gifts continues…

The list of ideas for Christmas gifts for your favorite athletes is ready. You just have to order your favorite products in our store now to receive the products by the holidays.


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