Kingsbox launches hybrid barbell made entirely in Europe

Kingsbox is proud to present to its loyal customers and to the entire sport community, its new hybrid barbell from Crossfit, Powerlifting, Weightlifting.

Entirely designed, manufactured and tested in Europe.

A long and careful synergy between designers, artisans and producers of raw materials has led to the creation of a product of excellence, proudly made in Europe.

The mission of Kingsbox has always been clear : to offer a superior product at an affordable price and we think we have succeeded in our intent with the launch of this new, extraordinary barbell.

European quality

We have always wanted to produce quality products in Europe, but it has not always been possible.

The path to create a product entirely Made in EU is much more complex than you may think. But our mission had to be carried out and after years we proudly succeeded.

The push generated by this need has allowed us to put into practice all our skills to achieve a product with really good features.

Not only barbells Made in Europe

We have been manufacturing our Rigs and dozens of other types of equipment in Europe for a long time, with the sole aim of monitoring the excellence of the entire production chain.

From custom design, through the choice of suppliers of raw materials, up to the final stage of processing, carefully choosing the extraordinary artisans who artisans who have made the dreams of hundreds of Crossfit Boxes and gyms come true all over the world.

Palestra Realizzata da KingsBox

Partner of excellence

Our company is located in Slovenia a few kilometers from Trieste, Italy, many of the professionals who make our products, have been working with excellent Italian companies for years and we are proud to be able to collaborate with them, with the sole aim of being able not only to offer a product of superior quality, but also to promote and support the development of the European economic fabric.

Here’s our Europe Bar

bilancieri da CrossFit made in europe6

The hybrid barbell that shows that the words quality and affordable can go hand in hand, so to offer a product with excellent features at a low cost.

Our Europe Bar barbell is made of high quality steel with a tensile strength of 180,000 PSI and a load capacity of 450 kg.

Coated in durable hard chrome that protects it from scratches, magnesite and sweat.

The double medium-strong knurling of the barbell bar ensures a firm grip and makes it suitable for all types of training and high intensity training sessions.

We always try to satisfy the wishes of our customers, so we have created two versions of our Europe Bar barbells

  1. The first with roller bearings that offer better rotation during exercise, making the lift more fluid and precise.
  2. The second with bushings that allowed us to create a product with a lower cost, but not for this less performing.

bilancieri da CrossFit made in europe2

Europe Bar barbells are available with 3 different types of coatings :

  1. Hard chrome, which offers optimal resistance to aggressive agents such as : sweat, magnesite, moisture.
  2. Cataphoresis, which allows to obtain high standards of aesthetic quality combined with excellent chemical properties of resistance.
  3. Cerakote, ceramic-based coating offering a protection superior to abrasion and corrosion.

Video presentation Europe Bar

Here is the video presentation of our Europe Bar, in only one minute you can watch this interesting  demonstration from our Giulio who will explain everything in detail. Thank you, we remind you that our Europe Bar Barbells are available for purchase at this adress.


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