Home gym? Let’s start with the floors.

Many dream about having a corner in their apartment or a room in their house where they can create a home gym. A home gym is a great motivation for sticking to your training program or just doing some physical exercise every day.

When you start planning your home gym it is best to first look at the floor. Consider what type of training you want to do there. If your home gym is meant for yoga and stretching, a yoga mat will do just fine, but if there will be heavy burdens hitting your floor constantly you should go for a rubber flooring. The rubber will protect the existing flooring and absorb some of the sounds of the drops hitting the floor. Laying rubber tiles or rubber flooring is an easy project you can do by yourself.

How to choose the right type of rubber flooring?

Tiles, wooden floor, laminate… this is all great flooring for your living room but they are completely wrong for your gym. All those heavy drops will damage your floor.

Rubber flooring is an easy solution. It will protect your original flooring and is simple to clean. Some mild soap and water will do the trick.

You can choose rubber flooring in a roll if you want your gym to look sleek. Or you can opt for rubber tiles that enable you to arrange and rearrange your flooring in whatever shape you want. Either option is easy enough to install.

How to install rubber flooring in a roll (with double adhesive tape)?

You will need:

  • rubber flooring roll
  • double-sied adhesive tape
  • utility knife (Stanley knife)
  • carpet roller

First, you make sure your floor is clean and dry. Then you roll out your flooring the way you want. All the excess material that you may get at the corners of your room you cut out with your utility knife.

When you are satisfied with the layout of the flooring, you attach the adhesive tape to the sides of the bottom part of the rubber rectangle patch. Then you firmly press all the corners and sides of your rubber patch.

Wait an hour for the adhesive to dry and use the carpet roller to make sure the rubber is firmly pressed to the original floor. If you don’t own a carpet roller, pressing the rubber with your hands and feet will do the job.

How to install rubber flooring in a roll (with glue)?

You will need:

  • rubber flooring in a roll
  • glue
  • utility knife
  • carpet roller

Roll out your rubber and position it the way you want. Use the utility knife to cut out the excess material around the corners of the room.

Remove the prepared rubber rectangle and make sure your floor is clean and dry. Start in the far side corner of the room, coat a part of your floor with the glue. Then get your prepared rubber rectangle and press it hard to the glue. Cover the next patch with glue and roll the rubber over it. Continue working until all the room is finished.

After an hour use your carpet roller to firmly press your rubber to the floor.

How to install rubber tiles?

It is fairly easy to do. And since it is not glued on you can easily make changes to the layout.

The floor should be clean and dry. Star working from the corner. First, lay one row of tiles. If the last tile won’t fit in a row. Measure the distance to the wall. Then transfer that distance to the tile and cut off the excess. Continue working in rows.


We hope we have managed to clear all your doubts about using rubber flooring for your home gym.



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