Everything you need to know about gym dumbbells

Have you ever wanted to train with gym dumbbells but don’t know where to start? dumbbells or dumbbells are one of the best ways to lose fat and increase muscles inexpensively and effectively.

Make yourself comfortable because this article will provide you with all the information you need to purchase and use training dumbbells.

To know before you start

Today we will talk about the advantages of weight lifting with dumbbell and how to perform the exercises correctly we will also talk about repetitions, series and much more. So let’s start with the basics.

What are repetitions ?

Repetitions indicate a certain number of times a movement of an exercise is performed.

What are the series?

The series indicate a certain number of group of repetitions performed during an exercise.


4 series of 15 repetitions of dumbbell devil press can be translated as follows:

To perform the movement of the exercise 15 times for a number equal to 4 is equivalent to : 4×15 where the 4 indicates the series and the 15 the repetitions of the movement.

Esercizio con manubri da palestra

Each series needs a rest period. The rest periods serve to help the muscles to recover the oxygen lost during the economy of the gesture. The oxygen present in the muscles runs out during the exercise and needs from 15 seconds to 3 minutes to reform and become available.

dumbbells or dumbbell differences

When it comes to gym dumbbells or dumbbells it’s free weights, not connected to isotonic machines.

Free weights are scientifically one of the fastest ways to gain strength and muscle mass. The reason lies in the effort that applies in being more coordinated and more precise in the attempt to perform a clean movement without errors unlike the use of isotonic machines that accompany us during the execution.

Another excellent reason why free weights should be used ( in this case dumbbells) is the possibility to train specific muscle groups, unlike machines that work multiple parts of the body simultaneously but much more slowly. The use of gym dumbbells and dumbbells allows you to experience during the training a whole range of movements impossible to achieve with the aid of machinery.

Why are dumbbells vital to your training ?

There are three main reasons is reside in the concrete possibility of significantly improving the :

  1. Resistance
  2. Mass
  3. Strength

How to choose the right dumbbells

Depending on the type of sport you practice there are different types of dumbbells, certain types of dumbbells such as bodybuilding ones could not be used for Crosstrainig exercises, On the other hand, a hexagonal crosstraining handlebar can be safely used for bodybuilding.

Olympic dumbbell

The reason for this statement lies in the natural shape of the type of handlebar that is hexagonal and therefore more stable in the execution of certain movements.

Kingsbox, however, went further and created the revolutionary Olympic dumbbell. A cost-effective, innovative and space-saving solution for anyone interested in weight training, whether at home or in a professional gym. Thanks to this special type of gym dumbbell, you can adjust the weight of dumbbells according to your needs and skills.

Olympic dumbbell manubrio palestra

This way you can have a whole set of dumbbells, for a quality training. The handlebar is compatible with both micro-loads and rubber discs.

What dumbbell to buy

If you are thinking of making a home gym do not miss our useful guides, if you want to buy your gym dumbbells now to start we recommend not to buy only 2 of the same weight but at least 6 if possible.

dumbell esagonale manubrio palestra 2

Different dumbbells of different weights will help you to perform the right movements without overloading the joints and at the same time you will not perform movements with dumbbells of understated weight that will lead to poor results.

A good start could be :

2 dumbbells of 5 kg

2 dumbbells of 10 kg

2 dumbbells of 15 kg

With an initial set you can concentrate on performing all the necessary movements with the result of always having the right weight for the type of exercise. Take a look at our dumbbells on sale in the store, take advantage of offers and opportunities in the used race section.


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