CleverFit Ljubljana Case Study

Clever Fit: First Ljubljana, then the world!

When the representatives of the fitness chain Clever Fit Slovenia contacted us, we were more than thrilled! How could we not be? Clever fit is one of the leading fitness chains in Europe with more than 460 studios in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and of course Slovenia. Their first-class gyms have about a million members, and the company is planning a huge expansion and is on its way to owning thousands of gyms. These goals are ambitious, just as we like them! We helped them equip the new fitness Clever fit on Letališka ulica in Ljubljana, and later the fitness in Kranj. But other joint plans that we are already looking forward to are on both of our schedules.

The beginning of a wonderful story …

“Who contacted us? The Clever Fit fitness chain? Katarina, are you kidding me?”

my colleagues were asking me when I told them who would like to work with us. In November 2021, they contacted us and, as they told us, they rely on manufacturers who can offer them quality equipment to equip their gyms, and the local providers who manufacture their equipment in Europe. The chain recognized us as a brand with which it could work with because we met all their criteria: we were “locals” and had excellent service and production in Slovenia.

They were pleased that steel products are almost in their entirety produced in Slovenia, which means that the structures and devices are of quality, quickly available, and flexible. They were also satisfied with our customer support and of course, they also inquired about the installation options and our after-sales service. A fitness chain like Clever fit leaves nothing to chance.

In December 2021, the wheel really started to spin when company representatives visited us in Sežana. We showed them our offices, our warehouse, and our showroom. It was because of the showroom that they finally decided to work with us and in the same week we signed a contract.

First test: Clever Fit Letališka

We started preparing for our first joint project, a brand new and currently the largest Slovenian fitness in the Clever Fit chain: Clever Fit Letališka. First, they presented their wishes – they wanted something unique, something that Slovenia has not seen before, something that will separate them from other fitnesses and fitness chains in Slovenia. They also entrusted us with their problems: the space on the upper floor has no lift and the partition walls were not suitable for fixing wall structures.

Their wishes could be quickly realized with two innovative KingsBox products: as the first and so far only fitness in Slovenia, they can brag about our Mad King and the Mighty Squat Pulley System (SPS) which was installed in an old, transformed industrial elevator. Mad King, of course, has its own throne – on the balcony with a view of the functional part of the gym.

The lack of load-bearing walls did not cause us any troubles, quite the contrary! The functional free-standing rack in an eye-catching orange color is now the center of attention and is waiting for the trainees to perform pull-ups, try climbing Monkey profiles, use it while performing exercises with a barbell and the list goes on.

A challenge for our installers

In February, all products were prepared and our team of experienced installers was informed that this time the installation will be done very close by – in Ljubljana. But as the representatives of the fitness chain told us at the beginning: all equipment will have to be carried up the stairs. Fortunately, Clever Fit team members were also prepared to help us and together we succeeded. The biggest challenge was the Mad King, which is usually delivered already assembled, because, unlike our other products, its assembly is complex, takes 8 hours, and includes welding and other technical procedures. For reference, the Mad King weighs 400 kilograms, so you can imagine what a challenge that was! We tackled the problem by pre-assembling the device partially and finally assembling it on the spot.

The opening was a success, and we’re already looking into the future!

The team that participated in the project was also invited to the opening of the fitness center, where they proudly observed the enthusiasm in the eyes of the representatives of the fitness chain Clever fit. Cooperation has brought great satisfaction to both the KingsBox team and Clever fitness chain representatives. We are convinced that the Letališka project was only the first of many! After all, Clever Fit plans to upgrade the existing fitness facilities and build new ones, the first of which is expected in Maribor. We can’t wait!

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Clever Fit: First Ljubljana, then the world!
When the representatives of the fitness chain Clever Fit Slovenia contacted us, we were more than thrilled! How could we not be? Clever fit is one of the leading fitness chains in Europe with more than 460 studios in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and of course Slovenia.
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