Building a home gym for Powerlifting | Here’s how you do it.

Building a powerlifting home gym has never been easier.

You don’t believe it ?

Then you just have to follow our special guide to make your home gym at home.

Whether you are a competitive powerlifter, an aspiring powerlifter or simply an amateur or a practitioner of other sports such as crosstraining, you need specific equipment to realize your home gym for powerlifting.

Unfortunately, commercial gyms generally do not offer the right platform on which you can build an efficient and intelligent training program. The vast majority of commercial gyms target the masses. There is only one explanation for all this, powerlifting is a real sport and needs special equipment.

Achieving your strength goals in a commercial gym is virtually impossible. There are many powerlifters worldwide that have a home gym to train and thanks to this choice they have reached impressive levels of strength by training in the comfort of their own home.

Essential equipment for Powerlifting

Your equipment is your lifeblood. If you want to do exercises like squat, bench, deadlift, there are some absolutely indispensable training tools from which to start, then at a later time based on your progress, you can add all the best artillery pieces you have always dreamed of.

There are 4 items you need to maximize your potential in powerlifting sessions and make the most of the space you have.

  1. Power Rack
  2. Weights for powerlifiting competition or training
  3. Flat bench
  4. Detachment platform or platform

These few but essential tools, will serve as a basis for training and, in effect, will provide everything you need to start using your gym from powerlifting.

Power Rack

Essential part of your home gym equipment.

power rack da powerlifting

There are no excuses, the power rack is one of the most important tools of your home gym from powerlifter, buying this model is crucial. The Mighty Power Rack CX-37 is composed of 6 steel sections 80 mm thick, with a level of resistance and durability at the nth power. In one word : spectacular ! One of the best on the European market for durability, usability and versatility. Able to withstand extreme weight loads is the preferred choice of all powerlifters.  Its clutter is perfect for a garage or a home gym.

Barbells from powerlifting

Not all barbells are equal. In the sport of powerlifting, specificity is extremely important. For this reason it is essential to purchase a specific barbell bar for powerlifting.

bilanciere powerlifting

Specificity is the watchword.

There are some important specifications that are basically necessary for a barbell to be considered by powerlifting:

  • The traction force should be quite high, thus creating a sturdy and rigid barbell.
  • The knurling must be aggressive and deep in order to provide a better grip on the bar to work with heavy weights.
  • Central knurling, essential to prevent the barbell slide down the back during the execution of the exercises.

What to buy simple one of the best barbells by powerlifting and weightlifting on the market our Olympic barbell for powerlifting Power Worrior Thanks to its diameter of 29mm (unlike all other barbells that have the diameter of 28mm) the barbell is more rigid, which is particularly important in the execution of squats.

The barbell is equipped with a unique Knurl Mark, suitable for power lifting and also has in central knurling which takes him to the top of the ranking of the best barbells on the economic market for its real value deserves to be part of your arsenal.

Discs for barbells or bumpers

When it comes to choosing discs for your powerlifting gym, you basically have two possibilities: cast iron discs or rubber discs. Everyone has its advantages and disadvantages that we will describe below.

Discs in cast iron, metal or steel

The discs in cast iron or metal or steel are traditionally the reference in the world of powerlifting.

The advantages of this type of discs are:

  1. Thickness: they are thinner than rubber bumpers, which means that you can mount more weights on the barbell.
  2. Sound – This may be a disadvantage but the sound of iron or as they say in jargon “cast iron” is just fantastic, regardless of your preferences, the sound is what embodies powerlifting.
  3. Duration: obviously better there is no doubt.


If you live in a house near other homes, your home gym may cause some trouble. The rattling of cast iron discs is fascinating but it can give you problems with the neighbors.

Bumper discs

dischi per powerlifting e training

Certainly less technical but more economical than the competition discs, Made in different formats are available in both total black and colored version. If you are a novice powerlifter and also love doing other exercises like powerclean, snatch etc. These weight lifting discs are ideal.

The advantages of this type of discs are:

  1. Quiet : Less noisy, great if your home gym is close to other homes, muffling noise with these bumpers will be a breeze.
  2. Duration : if treated with the right respect that deserve bumpers weight and training discs can last really long and remain faithful training companions for many years.

Adjustable flat bench

The powerlifting flat bench is one of the essential tools for building your powerlfting or weightlifting gym. With the model we present to you we offer you a versatile tool perfect for all possible exercises.

panca da powerlifting

Our professional home gym bench offers thirty different combinations to choose from, easily adaptable to each individual athlete. A unique combination of robustness and maneuverability. The bench has three different seat settings and ten backrest positions, thanks to these specifications our flat bench is one of the most versatile adjustable bench on the market to date.

Weightliftng platform

Essential for your powerlifting and weightlifting home gym, the Kingsbox weightlifting platform has all the specifications to be considered as one of the best on the market.

pedana sollevamento pesi

Essential to protect the background of your garage or your home gym room. Tool that must never be missing in your arsenal to allow you to build a gym at home, comfortable, safe, professional at a very low cost.


Making a powerlifting home gym is no longer a dream. With these simple tips we can realize your dream in the drawer.

The equipment shown in this simple guide is essential to start training, once you reach your goal you can buy other accessories from our store dedicated to powerlifting and weightlifting.

We are waiting for you, do not miss all our offers, even the used race could help you save a lot. See you at the next article.


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