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Christmas is coming and you still don’t know what to give athletes in your lives? No problem, we are here to give you advice that we are sure will make everyone happy. From small thoughts to important gifts, suitable for all ages and experience levels. The Kingsbox team has the answer for you!

Everyone who trains is aware of one thing: clothes are never enough! They are our way of expressing ourselves and feeling at ease, so it is vital that they are quality and durable garments, able to withstand even the most intense workouts.

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Sports bras



2. Accessories

If clothing seems too predictable, then why not opt for accessories? Like clothing, they are essential to perform a workout well and are a viable option for those of us who have a more modest budget, but still want to make a thought out and useful gift.


For barbell lovers lifting straps are essential to ensure a safe and comfortable grip, so you can work with heavy loads in a serene- really necessary. You can buy them here.


Our paracalli are available here. They are a great compromise between protection and optimal grip, necessary for all bar exercises and made of durable and durable leather, great for all levels.



Kingsbox wristbands are a great gift for those who lift important weights or are approaching the world of weightlifting. They offer the right support without preventing movements. They can be purchased here.


Our store offers many varieties of squat belts, starting from the cheapest for beginners, to the most expensive and advanced. In weight lifting they are crucial to protect your back and redistribute your weight, making them a great gift for any level of experience. You can find the our catalog here.


A Christmas theme could not be missing: Kingsbox socks are durable and comfortable, so why not make our workouts special with maximum comfort? In addition to the nice Christmas coloring, we have a wide range of socks here.


Obviously to contain all this new equipment can not miss a backpack- or a bag if you prefer- roomy and ergonomic. Unisex and very spacious, you can’t go wrong. Combining comfort with beauty is difficult- but we at Kingsbox like to amaze you. You can find the our bags here.

3. Free body and beginners

But what if they have no interest in weightlifting or prefer home workouts on the floor? No problem, we at Kingsbox are proud to be a team that always tries to include all types of training and above all, all types of athletes.

At the same time, if you want to make a gift to yourself and start to approach fitness, without necessarily making important investments, these are the things that we believe are essential to start a path, in maximum safety.


Fundamental in all training models: from Yoga to Pilates, but also for Crossfit and weightlifting, elastic bands are part of the path of each of us. For this reason we offer models that are resistant to an unbeatable price-quality ratio at this address.


If you don’t have the time or space to run but still want to do cardio, the rope is the right tool. Intuitive and lightweight, the Kingsbox rope is a gift for those who want to keep fit wherever you are. Find our wide selection of strings here/a>.


The weighted vest is an object that we recommend to experts and to those who want to add an element of difficulty to cardio workouts. Our store offers a wide choice of vests and weights with which to modulate the intensity of training.

You can find the our vests here.

4. For the little ones

For a nice but educational gift, we recommend our baby sets that can include a set of weights and barbell, a home gym of their own or a set of two rings. These light and colorful tools are a great way to entertain children and satisfy their curiosity about the tools of adults, in complete safety. A great way to teach the value of physical activity from an early age. You can find all the our sets at this address.

5. mobility

Something we often forget is the importance of mobility, before and after training. If we are not equipped with the right means to stretch and improve mobility, this is the right opportunity to invest. These gifts are certainly the least obvious, but you will do a huge favor to all athletes in your life who in the heat of training too often forget the conditioning. So here are some options to make a gift definitely necessary.


The kinesiological tape is used in all sports for the treatment of mild pain and discomfort due to the stress of the muscle, can be applied to give relief and help the healing of the fired parts. This is a very appreciated gift, especially for those athletes who train at high intensity and who need extra support. This and other (protective) tape types can be found here.


Why settle for a single tool when we can give, at a discounted price, a whole set of tools all dedicated to the care of mobility? With , our mobility set will give your athletes the chance to vary the way they stimulate their mobility.


The foam roller is another popular tool and appreciated by athletes to take care of tired and contracted muscles. With its relaxing effects it is a powerful ally against muscle pain. Due to its various shapes and sizes, each roller can be used on individual muscle groups or on larger bands, directly by athletes. Here you can find our roller proposal.


Kingsbox knee pads are designed for athletes who want to maintain training intensity without having to worry about painful sprains. We recommend its use to anyone who experiences discomfort in the knees, always advising a visit to a doctor should the pain persist. Here you can find our knee pads.

This is the list that our Team has proposed, made by athletes for athletes and enthusiasts, so you can trust ;).

Just follow the links to our shop and take advantage of our Christmas offers. Happy holidays from our Team and we hope to see you under the tree.


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