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What Kettlebell should I buy?

How to choose your first KettleBell?

If it is your first it should be a versitile kettle that is reasonably priced. How to find a kettlebell like that when there is so many different designs, coatings, and weights on the market? To make your choice easier, I create a list of features that are essential and features that don’t make a difference.

First of all, there is the price. You can pay as little as 40€ and as much as 250€ for a kettle. The price depends on the material, the production process, the quality, weight and the brand of the kettlebell. We all think that the one with the higest price is the best, but if you are only starting, don’t go for that one. You can spend much less and still get good quality.

The difference between traditional and competition kettlebell

Kettlebells come in all shapes and sizes.

Some of the differences are there just to make the kettle more attractive or diffrent from the kettles of other brands. Others are there for a reason like the circumference of the handle, the size and the weight, obviously.

When you are talking about the traditional kettlebell (the ones with the black coating that you probably have in a gym you go to) their size corresponds with their weight. The hevier it is the bigger it will be. And the circumference of the handle may differ also.

Than there are competition kettles, that all have the same circumference and size, you can only differentiate them by weight and corresponding color. These colors are standardized, so the competitiors always know which weight they are picking up just by that universall color. It means that there is no difference between those kettles you train with at home and those you use in competition, so you can perfect your technique. Competition kettlebells also have a longer lifespan because they are made from steel. If you are planing serious kettlebells trainings for competition settings I would suggest you buy a competition kettlebell.

What weight should you choose?

When it comes to kettlebell training, it is better to start with the weight that is a little out of your comfor zone. It will help you advance your technique and gain strength.

If you are only starting I suggest you choose a kettle somewhere between 8 and 16 kg. If you already have some experience go for kettles between 20 and 24 kg.

When you are choosing your weight keep in mind that kettlebells are not meant to be used like haltèress. Think about Swings, snatches, cleans and Turkish get-ups. You should use wour whole body for kettlebell exercizes, it is not mend for isolate muscle training.

The design of the handles can make the difference.

Check the grip, a quality made kettlebell has a smoother handle that will not tear your palm but at the same time offers enough grip. Some cheap kettles that lower their price at the cost of production will leave their handles rough, and after a few sets of snatches, you will feel the difference.

Then there is the circumference of the handle (the standard is 35 mm). It should feel comfortable in your hands.

Also important is the space of the opening, the distance between the handle and the base of the kettle. You should have enough room, ideally around 55 mm.

A good kettlebell will last you a long time

It is a sturdy piece of equipment and should last long, especially if they are made from steel or iron they are practically indestructible.

But time will chip at their coatings.

So what Kettlebell should you choose?

Don’t go for the cheapest, their low price has many hidden flaws. They usually don’t meet the standards which can affect your technique. And they may not be comfortable to use (the grip on the handle and so on).

If you have a goal to compete, spend more and choose a good quality standardized competition kettlebell. But if you don’t plan to compete and would just like to incorporate kettlebell exercises into your training routine, choose the classic traditional black iron cast kettlebell. Again, choose quality over low price. If you have a low budget, search for special deals or buy used kettlebells from trusted brands that are still in great condition. KingsBox has a special category in the shop for the gear used in competitions. This means that the kettle you are looking at has probably been used just a few times.


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