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Kettlebell Workout | KingsBox Academy

Kingsbox Academy. The new project dedicated to all those who want to improve their skills with the exercise, or simply want to have fun training. A series of comfortable and interesting training guides created by athletes and professional instructors. We produce the best sports and functional fitness equipment thanks to the study of materials and feedback from athletes of our European team.

We are convinced that efficient equipment makes training better and more. Over the years we have accumulated hours and hours of field tests, tests, and feedback. So we decided to create a training column with our products.

We asked the best athletes and instructors of the Kingsbox Athlete team to create for us a series of training guides divided by type of equipment.

In this article we propose 3 workouts with the use of kettlebells that will help you to know better this very interesting training tool. Let’s find out together how to improve our fitness status with Kingsbox Athlete Academy workouts.

Okay, we’re ready to go :

First we want to tell you that there are 5 very important exercises with the kettlebell to learn:

• Kettlebell Swing
• Kettlebell Clean
• Kettlebell Reverse Lunge
• Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

These exercises to learn will be used during our workouts in this and other guides.

Tip: Start with the first workout and advance to the next only when you have mastered all the gestures.

Workout 1 : Kettlebell Swing

10 series of 10 repetitions
Rest 10 – 20 seconds
Repeat 10 times

Really simple to run, starting from the standby position, standing with the kettlebell in front of your feet.

Hold the kettlebell firmly with both hands and let it swing in a controlled movement with the help of the hips and buttocks, helping you with the core to make the movement safe and stable.

In the ascending movement you can choose to move the kettlebell up to the height of your head by making an imaginary quarter of a circle, or perpendicular to the shoulders to reach a half full circle.

The descending phase is of vital importance, you control the movement and try to control the movement using all the central muscles of the body.

Repeat for a number of repetitions ranging from 10 to 15 for each round, to familiarize yourself with the tool.

This first workout is a fundamental basic workout that will condition the whole body and will quickly improve our cardiovascular system.

With practice we should be able to complete this workout in just 6 minutes.

Workout 2 : Kettlebell Clean

5 series of 10 repetitions
Rest 10 – 20 seconds
Repeat 10 times

The Kettlebell Clean is a simple but essential exercise to raise awareness of our body when using this fitness tool.

From the floor, lift the kettlebell and bring it to the chest in a lock position, with a fluid movement.

From this position you can then go to do several exercises including : press, long, squat

There are several ways to run the Kettlebell Clean; Swing Clean, Dead Clean, Single Leg Clean, Bottoms Up Clean and many other multi-exercise combinations.

The Kettlebell Clean will change your entire approach to movement, not only it will condition the core muscles but it will build stability and mobility throughout your body preventing future injuries.

Workout 3 : COMBO

Kettlebell Swing

10 rounds of 10 repetitions

Rest 10-20 seconds between each series


Kettlebell Clean

8 rounds of 10 repetitions

Rest 10 seconds every 4 series

Alternate arm for each series.

Once you master the two Clean and Swing exercises, let’s try to make things a bit more interesting by combining these two exercises together in an explosive combo.

In this combo we have the 2 most important and effective kettlebell exercises combined in a single workout. Mastering this workout will take you to a completely different level of awareness.


It doesn’t end there though. These are just 2 of the exercises we decided to prepare for you. Our team of instructors and athletes is creating a series of truly unique workouts, to bring your fitness status to a higher level.


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